Shopee Haul for our home!

After all the novelty of owning a house and renovating it to our desire, here comes the next wave of excitement: Home Improvement!

When we first moved into our humble abode, hubs and I agreed on keeping it to the minimum basics so as to ensure we do not overwhelm ourselves with debts and things we do not actually need. Having made ourselves comfortable for close to 3 years now, we have found ourselves to have slowly turned our house into a Mi home! It started with a Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner we first bought at Shopee (which works brilliantly to date), followed by Mi Home Security Camera for our cats and Xiaomi Smart Scale… so today, I will be sharing 3 additional Xiaomi haul that I’m super excited about and you’ll get to enjoy my special promo code “SHSALENE” too!!

Why Shopee instead of Mi Singapore you may wonder?

Personally I feel that Mi Singapore isn’t as well-stocked as they should be at the moment, resulting in certain products to be first launched at marketplaces, such as Shopee, instead of the official store. Obviously, there’s a lot of vendors selling Xiaomi products, so you need to be vigilant against “inspired” ones. Read the reviews, best if they have real life pictures, and browse through their shop to get an idea of their services. Though I must say that I have not face any problems so far. Regardless, with big purchases, I choose to play safe and stick to the same seller from whom I bought my first Mi Vacuum from, Newstar Electronics. As always, they didn’t fail to disappoint and delivered my items within 2 days!! I got extremely excited and started posting them on my IG Stories, be sure to check out my lifestyle highlights! For more detailed reviews as requested by some of you, here we go~

shopee xiaomi haul

1. Xiaomi ZAJIA Infrared Induction Water Saving Device Automatic Faucet Adapter

We bought this faucet adapter for our kitchen simply for the convenience of being able to wash our hands and/or dishes when our hands are all dirty – at least the handle won’t be. It’s super easy to install, all you got to do is to charge it with USB prior to installation, wave your hand in front the little black rectangle and you’re good to go! If I were to nitpick, the only troublesome part will be the occasional charging after an estimated 6 months of usage, and it doesn’t come with a filter if you’re particular about that – otherwise it’s totally worth it!

shopee xiaomi haul

2. Xiaomi SCISHARE 1.8L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

This was actually the first Xiaomi product I added into my cart this round, hees! Any tea lover would definitely appreciate the ease in adjusting the temperature for brewing tea. It comes in 6 preset temperature to choose from, super easy to install and all you need to do is just add water! We were contemplating on getting a water dispenser previously, but hated the idea of how bulky and expensive they can be due to added “alkaline” filters that we do not need. Now, we just have to choose the temperature we prefer and enjoy hot beverages instantly. How cool is that!

shopee xiaomi haul

3. Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop 2000mAh / Wiper Floor Washers Rechargeable Wireless

I’ve been looking for a decent spray mop for awhile now as the previous one I’ve bought was rubbish. Was watching the video and wondering if this was all gimmick since it’s just going to vibrate while spraying water out.. but gosh this is a legit game changer! We tested it after my hubs did some frying and our floor was all sticky, added a teeny drop of detergent into the water and watch it does its magic. My floor was the cleanest it has been aside from my PT helper. This purchase definitely exceeded our expectations.

shopee haul

4. Artificial Silk Fake Flowers Peony Floral Wedding Bouquet Bridal Hydrangea Decor

On top of electronics, I also bought some decor for my house (and flatlays). Love how good the quality is for something so cheap! Perhaps it’s not very obvious in this photo, but when incorporated into flatlays, they do look pretty real. As per their description, I received a bundle of 5 for option B. No complains for sure!

5. Practical Kitten Cats Pet Hot Toys Rotating Butterfly Scratch

Last but note least, I bought something for my kitties. This is so cheap that even if it spoils really fast, I won’t feel that it is a waste of money! Thankfully, the quality is definitely worth way more than the price. With just an AAA battery, my cats are kept well entertained for hours at a go. Despite being mercilessly thrashed by 3 cats, the butterfly is still holding up pretty good, with no signs of near-death. Lol.

shopee haul

Overall, we were really pleased with our purchases and appreciate how they were dispatched so quickly and arrived within a week! With Shopee Guarantee, upon receiving your items, you get to check and ensure everything is up to your expectations before dispatching the money to the sellers. This definitely add as an assurance that we won’t be cheat off our money with no assistance.


As I wanted to maximize my purchase, I’ve actually downloaded the Shopee app on my iphone and access it via my shopback app to enjoy some cashback too. Super convenient and fuss-free! On top of prompt delivery and support given whenever needed, Shopee sure is a platform that’s super easy to use, with strong payment gateway and security. The screenshots you’ve seen above were all shopped via my app, when I was on my way home from work. It is, in fact, a leading mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. With a variety of products and categories, you too can enjoy good deals available on Shopee – such as daily Flash Deals, sitewide vouchers, etc.

For those who are interested and have been asking me for the links, I hope this has been useful for you. If you’ve yet to download the app, be sure to use my exclusive promo code “SHSALENE” for $7 off a minimum purchase of $15 for first time buyers (Valid till 31 October 2019)! Have fun shopping and do leave me a comment if you have any questions~ xx


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