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Hi kitties, how have you been?! After an unintended hiatus no thanks to 2018 being a really tough year, I’m back to blogging and here’s hoping it won’t be a temporary thing! In the midst of all the Marie Kondo trend that’s kickstarting our new year, I’ve recently cleaned up my beauty room to prep myself for upcoming projects~ Per requested by some, I’ve decided to do a beauty room tour today! Though I’m not really sure what exactly you girls would want to see more of, so I’ll make it brief for starters and go in depth should there be any further comments/requests ya?

Way before we started the journey of house-hunting, I’ve constantly complained to my husband that I needed more space to house my belongings cuz my rented room used to look like this 😫 So many stuff, such tiny space! Along the way, we bought many storage boxes to house my items but it was just never enough. Thus, we agreed from the get go that I would be needing an extra room where I can store them neatly and do my flatlays at. And there will be no complains after 🙊

With that, our house-hunting priorities included a room with beautiful sunlight streaming in. And I quote the hubs “enough room to put your shit” 😏 Indeed we found one ( #operationkitties to read more) and had my ID creating a special corner for me to do my work at. So yea… let’s talk about my beauty haven where magic happens ✨

I started cleaning up the beauty room before MK launched her series on netflix cuz everything in this room sparks joy please! It’s basically the first place all my guests zoom into after the living room 😅 I’ll start with the massive cabinets on the right cuz that’s the ultimate treasure trove!

First cabinet from the left stores all the boring stationeries, books and occasional props. I hardly touch them unless I’m mailing stuff tbh.

Next up is my favorite corner of the room… SKINCARE GALORE!!! Majority at least 😊 All the containers were actually brought over from my renting days and they were perfect in compartmentalizing my products.

Why didn’t you opt for drawers instead?

I did seriously consider tbh. Especially the ones from Ikea that were taking the beauty ig by storm. But somehow it didn’t feel right for me as my products come in all shape and sizes, I didn’t want that to affect the way I store my stuff. So I’d rather get these containers from Muji and Daiso instead.

Starting from the top tier and flaunting my prized possession are nail inc x VB’s nail polished, signed by posh spice herself! 😝 It was a childhood dream come true to meet her in person.. something my younger self would never have even thought about, much less dreamt of.

On my top left, we have serums and toners; adorned with a cutesy little clarins shopping cart and some of my favorite masks from Fresh!

Followed by more misc skincare items like eye creams, FTE etc

Top right features my more expensive bodycare, my mini Guerlain meteorites collection and more facial masks! I decided to display them as I tend to mask every weekend, putting them in boxes just limits me from rotating around cuz “out of sight out of mind” 😏

Middle left houses all my facial cleansers, soap bars and cleansing oil. I tend to use soap bars in the morning (I find they help minimize my breakouts as compared to not using them at all) and cleansing oil + cleansers at night.

More masks, mists and toners anyone?! These two are my most frequently raided stash ❤️

More serums and essence here. Also featuring my mini Laduree collection and some bodycare that I can’t bear to use.

Bottom tier features products I rarely touch, more for hoarding instead. On the bottom left we have my newer diptyque stuff and nail polishes. Love the portable nail dryer my sis bought ages ago, haven’t tried it before though (cuz I can’t bear to)!

Moving on, we have my mini cushion collection (mostly ltd edt/special packaging) and loads of eyeshadow + blusher palettes at the back. Loads of collectibles here~

Also featuring my VB x Estee Lauder collection! They’re totally lust-worthy and deserves a spot of their own, so that I can be reminded to use on special occasions 😍

Next cabinet is termed the “WIP” section. It features products where I’ve yet to shoot for/plan to do giveaways on etc. Loads of plans, so little time!

Digressing a bit, I personally love it when I receive recyclable bags and pouches from brands. They are perfect for holidays and I love carrying my canvas totes for daily errands too.

Here’s where all my sheet masks are stored at. I’m trying to make it a point to mask more regularly before they expire 😣 And yes, that’s why I rather store my beauty products in cabinets. Dark dry corners = longer shelf lives.

Last cabinet is basically where I store most of my bulky props and travel-sized items!

I rarely touch that cabinet too as they are “blocked” by my bag of disposable bags and potential giveaway items. Concrete shelf is from taobao. It’s SUPER heavy and a little unstable. Not cheap tho… but all for the gram la 🙊

Moving on to another favorite part of my room… my super pretty shelf of all things pretty! I’m still not sure if this particular shelf is a perfect fit for my room (in terms of color wise) but it’ll do for now cuz I love how it looks in pictures.

Highest tier features dried blooms and my occasional props.

Second tier are a few of my favorite things, mostly in limited edt packaging. I’m actually trying to start a skii fte ltd edt collection here… but we’ll see. May change this corner when inspiration strikes again!

Third tier = all things candles and home fragrance

Fourth tier = fragrance galore!

These two are a crowd favorite! Those displayed without boxes are mostly perfumes that are 1. Alr off 2. Not too keen on the scent, but ya I love the packaging and customization. Doing up a fragrance shelfie was actually the hardest of them all.. I’ve always had an idea of how I would love my collection to be displayed but turning the vision into reality was super hard. Instead, I collected the baskets from media drops and did a hipster twist instead ❤️

Bottom tier are a bit on the misc side. Mini fridge to hold my masks, and more baskets/boxes for random products.

I’m not going to lie though… no everything’s perfect in this room. Here’s my messy corner featuring products that have not been unboxed and paper bags waiting to be reused.

Cosy corner of props! Mad love the candle warmer, especially when I’m at the finishing bit of my candle and it refuses to burn proper.

This is my other WIP corner to remind myself to unbox asap. It can get seriously messy the longer I take! Here’s also where all our chargers for toothbrush, camera etc are

Wait, there’s more…

Unfortunately, I needed slightly more space for my daily stuff. And if you realize, I have yet to feature much on my cosmetics stash ☺️

So here are my daily makeup products and brushes, plus some occasional skincare that I use frequently.

Gave my inital plastic container for hubs hair stuff. Makes it easier when our helper pops by to clean too!

P.S love that black stick on thingy we got from some kickstarter project to store the toothpaste and shaver. Hubs is all about the “minimal drilling” policy at home so this was perfect for us.

And right beneath is where 90% of my hair and body products lie. Do you know that hubs haven’t had the chance to buy nor choose any hair and body products for a long while, because he has to help finish this stash first?! 😂😂😂

Moving on to our MBR… My Ikea trolley to store all my daily skincare products/devices and travel pouches. Bottom tier is Mika’s corner ❤️

And there you have it, my cosmetics corner. I think it’s super obvious that I’m more of a skincare than makeup junkie by now. I get more excitement trying out new skincare as I’m more specific on the cosmetics I would be using – which isn’t a lot tbh.

Mainly lipsticks, in which I tend to categorize by brands. Plus some blushers/eyeliners/mascara; saved a space for all my foundations too. I made constant changes to this corner based on preference, season and “freshness” of each product. You will never find any funky products being hoard in this corner.

And here we have things I hardly use, but want to. Lol. I’ll do something about them soon, I hope. That’s it! Feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll be sure to answer them. XX


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