That Muji Shelf

As you guys know, Marie Kondo has taken the internet by storm and everyone’s busy cleaning up their house these days… just in time for the upcoming lunar new year! I was no better and decided to kickstart my first weekend of the year with some wardrobe decluttering and then some…

It ain’t easy but I started off with simply keeping clothes that I could still wear and look decent in, before proceeding to the slightly tighter ones to gauge if I can still realistically fit into should I ever lose a little weight. End result was 4 bags to Refash, 3 bags to my PT helper… I’m now left with my winter clothings to sort before moving on to the guest room – where all our jiapalang stuff are, aka the much dreaded Komono 😣 But first, let’s talk about this amazing shelf from Muji that I’m super addicted to!

It all started when the husband was grumbling of a messy kitchen that let me to wondering how I could reorganise my tea corner to look less cluttered. Sure everything fits, but there’s got to be a way to look much more presentable w/o all that stacking right? I tried strolling through Lazada for inspirations but nothing seems to hit the right spot.. until I head into Muji (cuz there was some ongoing sale)~

Hook, line and sinker. This is LIFE-CHANGING for a household that doesn’t have much drawers! The <a href=”″>ABS Trays with legs</a> come in two sizes, and this is the A4 version at SGD$23 each. You can get the bottom <a href=”″>ABS A4 Tray</a> for SGD$19.

I’ve since bought 2 more A4 trays to turn my toilet’s beauty cabinet from this never-ending pile of products to…..


While I was at it, I also decided to try out the smaller <a href=”</a>ABS Tray with legs 1/2</a> for my toilet’s vanity~

Oh yes, I decided to give the bottom <a href=”″>ABS Tray 1/2</a> a go due to the mini dividers that help in sorting out these smaller items without making a mess when I use them on a daily basis. The addiction is real!

Last but not least, my boss nicknamed this cosy corner of mine as a mini pantry. Lol. We don’t really have cabinet space to store our stuff so I’ve taken the liberty to create a space w/o cluttering the work desk. Stationeries and beauty stuff on top, tea and snacks at the bottom. I’m feeling mighty please with myself now and I hope it will help you if you’re stuck with ideas to tidy up your space too! xx