Keeping my migraine under control with Renovatio


Hey guys, I know I have not been doing much reviews for ages but I was really inspired to talk about a supplement brand I’ve tried for close to a month! Most would know that I tend to have super dreadful migraines during month end closing, as it clashes with my pms too… leaving me to pop painkillers throughout the week instead of taking time off to rest.

Well guess what.. I haven’t ate any since end October!

I was first introduced to <a href=””>Renovatio</a> on a casual conversation with a PR recently on how horrible my eczema was and how I have been trying to calm it down organically. Do you know that eating 1 x supplement or drinking a glass of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to eating 20 apples a day?

<a href=””>Renovatio</a> has a high broad spectrum antioxidant to promote healthy skin and wellbeing; it’s also free from all artificials, animal products, dairy and gluten – which sounds pretty promising for someone with eczema cuz these are some of the stuff my doctor advised me to steer away from. In fact, it’s said to be made from a specific blend of 100% Australian apples using simply water to extract all the nutrients.

Sounds too good to be true? That’s what I thought so too.. But what really intrigued me further was that it’s known to help increase energy levels too!

For someone who doesn’t rely much on caffeine, you will never see me drink coffee, the last I had redbull was in uni and my tea collection hardly have caffeine (if any) to begin with. Instead, I rely on thai milk tea or bubble tea to give me that sugar-rush but I really hate to queasy aftereffects on me… so I reckon my innate optimism is what gets me through the day. So one can only imagine my surprise when I’ve heard of such claims.

Didn’t think much to be honest. I procrastinated for 2 weeks upon receiving, wanting to take pictures before I commence on my journey but time and weather wasn’t in my favour. But since it was finally hell week, might as well give it a go right?


Day one of hell week:

I started on a glass of water with one tablespoon of Renovatio (because it’s too early in the morning so I misread it instead of one teaspoon LOL) on an empty stomach and it tasted like diluted fresh apple juice with some pulp; with that I got through Monday feeling fresh throughout but it could just be a coincidence.

*remember to use one teaspoon instead! Tablespoon only when you need a boost~


Come Tuesday to Thursday, sleepyhead here got a little lazy so I took 1 supplement at the start of each day instead and made it through without the slightest migraine/headache. Not even when I OT ’til 845pm. So far so good, but I did started to wonder if it’s all in the mind where my subconsciousness was playing tricks on me…

Thus, I decided not to consume any on Friday morning. Considering how I’m already done with 80% of my closing and have nothing to do nor stress about until Monday, I shouldn’t be having any problem. Well that was ’til lunchtime and I felt my monthly migraine creeping up on me, the intensity was increasing by the minute, so I decided to pop one supplement and see how it goes. Miraculously, it went away within 30 minutes and now I’m fucking sold!! Yup.. all that happened in a span of one week. I have never looked back since. These days, I start my day with a glass of Activated Phenolics. When my workload gets heavier or I feel a migraine coming, I pop “an apple a day” supplement to keep the pain at bay.

When I talk about feeling “fresh”, it doesn’t mean like having an insane amount of energy that gets you bubbling around, wanting to do everything and anything all at once. No. I personally just feel much more awake and alert to my surroundings instead of feeling lethargic all day long. Not to mention that for it to subtly keep my migraine at bay is indeed a miracle after complaining about it for months  – and best of all, it’s organic as can be! I’ve since been consuming it on a daily basis and recently stocked up during the 11.11 deals (super worth!!!). Definitely something to consider if you have high stress levels, regular migraine (esp menstrual) and feel lethargic all the time 😊

Update: I had a chat with the founder of <a href=””>Renovatio</a> recently and he suggested that the cause of my migraine could possibly be due to poor blood circulation. As activated phenolics also help in promotion better blood circulation, more oxygen is sent to my brain, resulting in the subsiding of my migraine.

So yea, as we all know there are different causes for migraine. Me being an OL whose main job scope is to sit her fat ass at work and am to freaking lazy to exercise.. it kinda makes sense hey! I’ll continue monitoring my progress with him and update more if any. If you’re interested to try them out, do hop over to <a href=””>Biovida</a> to find out more!


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