My SKII travel essentials!

SK II Summer Holidays

There’s not much public holidays in Singapore left for 2018 (goodbye long weekends)… thankfully, I have an upcoming Japan trip to rejuvenate me for the last quarter of the year! I can get very kiasu when it comes to packing for a trip, and thus, I do love to start packing my essentials weeks prior to my trip :B Since I’m in the midst of planning, let me introduce 2 SK II must-haves whenever I travel~

SK II Summer Holidays

A little tip to share with you guys; I’ll always give my skin an intensive pre-hydrating treat the night before a flight so as to combat the harsh cabin air that makes me look really fatigue upon landing. SK-II Overnight Miracle Mask works both as a mask and moisturizer to deeply nourish skin with their signature Pitera™ ingredient , along with a blend of an extract from the Albizia plant and Sleeping Tree Extract. I do love how compact the packaging for this overnight mask is, just slip two or three into my beauty pouch for an emergency boost!

Of course, no trip is ever complete without my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I’ve only started using it last year but have since super in love with the FTE. For someone with acne-prone and occasional sensitive skin, it’s important for me to have a skincare product that helps stabilise the fluctuating state of my skin (especially when I’m travelling to a different climate) and thankfully, the FTE does just that! In fact, I like to pour some into my skin vaporizer and mist it during my flight and holiday to ensure my skin remains hydrated throughout.

What are your travel tips and must-haves? Do share!


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