#Maskaholic Review: ForBelovedGirl Mineral Cloud Silk Masks

ForBelovedGirl Mineral Cloud Silk Masks

Hands up, if you are a fan for For Beloved Girl masks! With both hands up, I am a fan of their masks, they always work their magic on me. I am thankful to be given a chance to try out their huge variety of masks, and thus, have been using their masks religiously weekly, each time trying out a different variant. So happy that each mask is armed with different ingredients, targeted for different needs and concerns of the face that are common among us ladies:

1. Ca – Skin Renewal
2. Fe- Flawless Brightening
3. V – Puff Elimination
4. Na – Moisture Renewal
5. Zn – Oil Control
6. Cu – Anti Aging

Fun fact: Do you know that For Beloved Girl is the sister brand of For Beloved One?

#Maskaholic Review: ForBelovedGirl Mineral Cloud Silk Masks

A mask with the perfect fit, elasticity and ductability; its barely there as promised, and stick so well onto the face!! Each silk mask uses the innovative textile technology with no adhesive or chemical additives for the ultimate thin, invincible mask product, providing us professional and effective skincare. As a result, woven technology for a mask which is barely detectable, like wisps of cloud, makes the best choice for skincare. Added on with the ultra rapid serum induction which locks in moisture and serum for complete induction deep within the skin.

#Maskaholic Review: ForBelovedGirl Mineral Cloud Silk Masks

CA – Skin Renewal

Good for: Speeding up skin renewal and eliminates pore problem.

My thoughts: I have enlarged pore around my nose area, and I have to apply pore filler primer whenever I put on my makeup, however, after a night of masking, I decided to do away with pore primer when I was doing my makeup, I cant really tell a difference if there was any difference, but all I can say, the makeup stay on pretty well.

#Maskaholic Review: ForBelovedGirl Mineral Cloud Silk Masks

Fe- Flawless Brightening

Good for: Adjusting dull skin and uneven skin tone, brightens skin for a flawless finish.

My thoughts: I can really feel the brightening effect after masking, especially when I applied my makeup the very next day. I can use a lighter shade of foundation on my skin after masking, which is a great news for those who needs an instant brightening effect especially on the special occasions.

#Maskaholic Review: ForBelovedGirl Mineral Cloud Silk Masks

V – Puff Elimination

Good for: Improving skin circulation and swelling problem, lift and rebuilds skin contour.

My thoughts: I can’t really tell if the mask does make my skin contour more V, but I can say it does the job of puff elimination, because usually on an overseas trip, my face will tend to puff up (due to MSG and unhealthy food intake)
I can tell that on the next day, the puff is lessen after waking up the next day.

#Maskaholic Review: ForBelovedGirl Mineral Cloud Silk Masks

NA – Moisture Renewal

Good for: Preventing skin from dehydration and prolong skin’s moisturizing ability

My thoughts: After masking, I realized that my skin is feeling very supple after removal and my skin feels hydrated even after a night rest, for I’m always sleeping with the air-con at night.

#Maskaholic Review: ForBelovedGirl Mineral Cloud Silk Masks

ZN – Oil Control

Good for: Regulating excess oil production, control skin with oil and water balance

My thoughts: This is the mask that I want to try on most, cos I have an oily T zone, and realized that after masking, my T zone oil is kept at bay after an afternoon out, my makeup does stay longer than normal!

#Maskaholic Review: ForBelovedGirl Mineral Cloud Silk Masks

CU – Anti Aging

Good for: Removing fine line, improves loose or dull skin problem and increase the skin renewal process

My thoughts: I cant really tell a difference in my skin after masking. But it does firm my skin a little, and making my face more supple and bouncy after masking.


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