Clarins Double Serum (8th Generation, 2017) Review

Clarins Double Serum Review

I’m so stoked to lay hands on the new iconic Clarins Double Serum 😍 With 20 + 1 active ingredients, tumeric being the newly added magic to increase cell receptivity to leave skin feeling more simulated and revitalized than before. This 8th generation double serum has enhanced action on 5 vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection. But what excites me most is the lack of mineral oil in this iconic serum, making 100% vegetable formula much more lightweight than before, with much faster absorption.

Clarins Double Serum (8th Generation) Review

The best part of this new packaging has definitely got to be the rotating dial pump that allows you to choose your customized dosage according to your skin needs/type, seasons and climate change. I’ve made the mistake of confidently using the large drop during the day on my combination skin, and my face ended up being super oily the entire day. Tried the double serum only at night instead and it was still too much for me, until I finally switched to the small drop for night usage. I reckon for most of us, the small drop will be ideal for our humid weather too – which also means that this product will go a long long long way 😉

Clarins Double Serum (8th Generation) Review

Onwards to the double chamber packaging that houses the oil-soluble (lipidic) within the water-soluble (hydric) system that contains “age control” plant extracts, I like to call it a bottle in a bottle. This special packaging is designed to preserve the integrity of the liposoluble and hydrosoluble ingredients, with the two phases in the new Double Serum mixing together only upon application. The unique push button system then automatically delivers just the right amount of each phase: 2/3 water-based ingredients and 1/3 oil-based ones in your preferred dosage.

Clarins Double Serum (8th Generation) Review

I very much prefer the texture in this generation to the previous 7th, it is much more lightweight and absorbs faster than its predecessor (kinda like dry oil), thus sitting much better on my skin. That being said, the amount of dosage used does result in a significant difference on my skin. If I had continued using the large drop, Clarins Double Serum would still have been too rich and heavy on my skin, resulting in potential breakouts. Thankfully, I managed to switch it back to a small drop just in time and limiting it to night usage so as to produce the optimum efficacy for my skins needs. So if you have oily/combination skin, this should be something you need to take note of and consider before purchase. All in all, the serum does seem to make my skin look healthier and brighter; I’ll most likely talk about it when I’ve emptied it for a final verdict. x


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