#Maskaholic Review: GlamGlow Flashmud

Ever since my acne/whiteheads/blackheads/nodule situation had been under control thanks to Prive, I have since shifted my skincare routine to focus on brightening my skin and lightening my post-acne marks. The former is easily achievable but as we get older, the latter sure can be a bitch to get rid of. So in the quest for clearer skin, GlamGlow Flashmud arrived just in time for me to get on with my experiment. I am a crazy fan of GlamGlow, having tried every single one of their products and was naturally excited to try this new ADDTION!

The instructions seemed a bit daunting initially with things like “first use it 3 times in a row”, “must apply sunblock with high spf after using it else the results may not be as ideal” etc.. I decided to read on reviews before knowing what I am getting myself into. The usual mixed reviews with more good than bad, I was determined to try it!

Apply GlamGlow Flashmud on clean and dry skin in circular motion because the granules with a combination of skin translucency optimizers help exfoliate, while Reflectrumâ„¢ (a blend of brightening ingredients) helps make skin look more radiant. I highly recommended this mask if you want something simple with great ingredients to get that clean and brighter looking skin – yet doesn’t make my combination skin feel dry nor itchy after using it.

I think this would be amazing for anyone looking to diminish acne scarring or uneven skin tone in the long run. I love this mask so much it really does show an immediate difference! My tip? Remember to use it on your neck as well else the difference might be quite obvious! :p


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