Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Though 2016 flew by in a blink of an eye, it had been a year of good changes. Compared to the meh 2015, not much turbulence, just loads of perseverance and yolo moments. Let’s reminisce on the key events of each month before it becomes just another chapter in my book..

January: First solo trip of the year!

Following my YOLO spirit, I booked an air ticket to Tokyo on a whim with no prior plans nor care for anything in the world. The only preparation I made was to confirm with Kako that I will be staying over for a few days. And guess what? The trip was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! No plans are sometimes the best plans: shrine-hopping, surprise snowfall one day before I am due to fly off, impromptu “hens night” celebration with my besties (just like our Sushi Train days), #livinglikealocal, .. It was worth every cent, I couldn’t be more thankful to my impulsive self (and my very generous host). I needed a break from my unhealthy work life, and so I did. This trip was everything I need to take a step back and just appreciate the quiet, for once. I came back recharged and ready to start a new year, only to be…
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February: Back in Tokyo for CNY

It was to be my last CNY before becoming a missus! My parents sure know how to celebrate it with a bang; for once, I get to escape my least favorite celebration (I find CNY extremely boring) and enjoy travelling with my family instead 🙂 We were lucky to witness the first cherry blossom right under Tokyo Skytree too and oh what fun it was to be back at Disneysea again! This time round, we went full out obsessed over Duffy and sampled almost every food station within the happiest place on earth. Fun times~
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March: Venus Bridal Shoot (MY)

With four months left to our big day, it was time to pull up our socks and get all the necessary done. First thing first, we had to get our bridal shoot settled. Different brides have different priorities; for me, getting a good set of wedding pics are very important for they are a good way to refresh our memories.. before we lost them all in time. We choose Venus due to their vintage portfolio that I was looking for. But if I were to give my honest opinion, they are much better at indoor shoots and are only surviving because of their extremely good photoshop skills. Nothing wrong with the latter, it’s just personal preference on whether you prefer something more natural or edited. Each to its own 🙂
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April: Zwedding Bridal Shoot (SG)

Call me bias, but out of all my pre-wedding shoot, Zwedding was my favorite! Wearing the beautiful gowns topped with the gorgeous crown, I finally fulfilled my childhood dream by having our bridal shoot at the old City Hall (now National Gallery Singapore). It was everything I wanted, and the pictures speak for itself. It was through this shoot that I learnt how important the quality and workmanship of the gown is if you don’t want to look cheap.
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May: First beauty event abroad!

Even though it was just at KL, it meant a lot to me! I’d always wanted to be invited for an overseas beauty event and was blessed by the opportunity given from Jurlique. Normally, I had to give them a pass due to the timing clash with my work but luck was on my side this time round, I had such a great time! Let’s go to the Jurlique farm at Adelaide next round please~ :B
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June: Left my first job

Finally. I always thought this characteristic applies only to relationship but apparently it’s the same with work: I’ll put up with your shit for as long as I can with plenty of excuses; but once I let go, I let go completely. It was crazy to deal with such a big change just one month shy to my wedding, but I’m glad I made the jump. I couldn’t be happier and have since learnt that having a good boss is really important to one’s growth and well-being. Have also learnt that I do not suit working in a bureaucratic environment where changes are frowned upon, where they value the old ways instead of the new – too toxic for my liking and detrimental to any possible growth. Now is not the time to settle.

July: I got married!

Got married to my high school sweetheart on our 11th anniversary! It was an intimate wedding of less than a hundred, and we were so happy to have our close friends, colleagues and family with us on this special day. What made our wedding even better was to have my sushi train girls flew down from all over APAC just to attend my wedding, everything was perfect and I couldn’t be more blessed!
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August: First birthday celebration as husband & wife

Celebrate fatty’s birthday at FORT by Maison Ikkoku and had our first omakase experience, complete with bespoke cocktails. It was a simple affair between us both, and I’m looking forward to many more celebrations to come 🙂
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September: Cycled at Pulau Ubin

Can you believe that I’ve never ever been to Pulau Ubin before?! Went with my ex-colleagues (the fun ones) on a cycling excursion around the island and worked those fats off. Such a great experience, I would definitely love to be back again.
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October: Flew to Ho Chi Minh

Another first, after hearing my dad raved so much about Vietnam. I see loads of good potential photographic opportunities but just couldn’t get over the millions of bikes zooming, even on pathways. LOL. Nevertheless, it was a much needed short getaway after my BKK girls trip was postponed due to the King’s passing.

November: Had a great fall

It was supposedly the busiest time of the year for me with all the Christmas collections starting to roll out and I was so looking forward to a busy fun-filled week when I blacked out at 7-11. It was right after my menses and I was waiting for my food, so I reckon it could have been a sudden dip in blood pressure when I suddenly felt very faint… and just blacked out not long after. Second time it has happened to me (the first was when I was in primary school) so it definitely was a cause of concern. Cancelled all my events for that week and took a thorough rest off social media as well. There’s still a slight bump though but hopefully there’s no drastic after-effect.

December: Back in Tokyo for CNY

Here we are again, my 3rd Tokyo trip in a year! Crazy but I still ain’t sick of it yet, still wanting to explore more… but ideally on my own, so that I can discover new hunts~ It was the biggest family trip of 6, this time round with my husband along too, and boy did we shop and walk non-stop (nothing below 10k steps per day).. so much fun until we’re flat broke now~ Lol.

I’m very apprehensive of what the new year will bring for I can forsee many changes that can swing either way. All I know for now is that the first quarter of the year will be my toughest and I have to simply suck it up and presevere on until there’s finally a ray of hope and stability. Lucky to have my husband by my side, and to have a healthy group of girlfriends who will be helping me out with some guest blogging for a different perspective and a fresh change (than my own same old same old preference). I’ll try my best to blog as much as I could, but I do hope that in my absence, my girls will help entertain and/or educate you with some beauty reads! There’s a lot of socks that needs to be pulled up this year and I do pray my procrastination do not get the better of me, while my optimism will continue pushing me through. ’til the next, I wish your new year will be much better than mine kitties! I don’t have any resolution since I never do keep them, but maybe I’ll do something about my increasing weight gain? Lol. See ya around! x


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