#Maskaholic Review: Biotherm New Life Plankton Mask

Biotherm New Life Plankton Mask, SGD$72

Having previously reviewed on and being such a fan of how it efficacy in giving me radiant and hydrated skin, I was naturally heaps excited when Biotherm New Life Plankton Mask was launched! Using the same technlogy as the essence, a powerful solution was concoted to fight redness, visible signs of aging and protect skin from external agressors; it also promises to strength skin and reignited radiance for that “boing boing” feel in just one use… sounds amazing hey?

Let’s start with the hydrogel texture which feels light and fresh on the skin! Though the scent still needs a bit of getting used to (like ), I appreciate it melting into my skin almost immediately, leaving a soothing hydrated touch. Best used alongside with the essence, I do notice how much more dewy and radiant my skin looks after a good night sleep with this duo. And most importantly, my skin woke up feeling thoroughly hydrated despite sleeping in a/c~


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    I spent a great deal of time to find something similar
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