Tips on picking AD photographer

Tips on picking AD photographer

Tip #1: Work with them beforehand before choosing THE one.

I almost choose my AD photographer out of the friendship and price factor but I thank my lucky stars for noticing way beforehand that I will regret this decision. I worked with one beforehand and didn’t like his professionalism, like how he kept bringing his emotions onto the table when disagreements are raised, it’s a turn off really.

I’m sorry to say this but nobody likes working with someone who can’t control his emotions. 敢情用事的男人 is an ultimate turnoff. Moreover so, if I have to pay you, see you get upset/emo/agitated and risk never getting my edited shots back – like it happened in ALL our previous shoots. Thanks but no thanks. 😒

So ya.

Ideally, working with your photographer on a pre-wedding shoot will help set your expectations on his works and improve communications. But if you do not have the opportunity to work with your photographer beforehand, please proceed to the next tip…

Tip #2: Always look at their portfolio. Ask for more if need be, not just their featured pics.

I think this is common sense, cuz featured pictures obviously will be the cream of the crop. But out of so many pictures your photographer take, how many will actually make the cut? I took the time to check as much as I could and one particular photographer turned me off immediately when he kept taking pictures of kids playing ard and kept making stupid monkey faces in photos.

Like hello, if this is my wedding, why on earth will I care for other people’s children to keep appearing on my AD album?! I hardly saw the bride and groom’s pictures in the entire album – and with that I immediately cross him off the list. Is it too much to ask for a bride to be the main lead on HER big day? Tsk. This was my bridezilla moment. I can’t stand a photographer losing his focus on a wedding.

Tip #3: Communicate your thoughts clearly and explicitly.

You want bokeh effect, tell them. You want them to focus on shots before your guests, tell them. They are not mind readers and if you are not going to be clear with what you want, you will end up with random pictures that you do not care for. Cue kids with monkey face point.

Better still, put it down in black and white after verbally communicating with them. Like how you would do in a day-to-day office situation, why wouldn’t you apply it here if it can protect you eventually right?

I didn’t go to the extent of a written copy with Samuel. Just some requests over whatsapp, and reemphasizing them on my AD. I appreciate the fact that I get along well with Samuel; he makes the effort to make me feel comfortable with him, and that’s very important.

Our pictures came back great btw with Akira constantly asking for more, lol. x


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