Mid-day ramblings on protecting yourself when using social medias

Today’s post will come across as ironic for a social media addict like me, but a recent incident had me feeling compelled to discuss on this topic. You see, the more I play around with social medias, the more loopholes I could gather. Which is why, I never update about my flight number/name/date when I travel (unless is sponsored, I bo bian). I also hardly post pictures and happenings of my loved ones nor my work/company on social medias unless agreed upon as I respect their privacy. I, for one, can’t tolerate people posting pictures of their dying relatives lying in the hospital – W.T.F., seriously?! All in all, you’re only seeing what I choose to show you.

Let’s set the record straight: if you really wish to protect your privacy at all costs, have no social media presence, especially when you are in a precarious situation. You will be surprised how a simple picture, or your username can give so much away. Your private Linkedin account is a pretty easy giveaway too, by the way.

Always, always think before you type – even if it is on a private account. The so-called protected status updates aren’t as protected as you think they are. Those locked status updates of your homophobic/racist rants especially.. all you need is just one person to share it and the next thing you know, the whole world is up against your ass. I don’t need to remind you the countless people who lost their job over something stupid they type without thinking. When unsure on the consequences of voicing out your thoughts, always follow this golden rule “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

Decide what’s private and draw the line. Don’t want people to know where you are, why are you checking into foursquare and posting that picture up on your ig/fb? If you dislike people stalking your loved ones, don’t even mention them to begin with! Don’t tempt and tease others with the heads of your loved ones cropped or decorated over with some emojis. The human mind is not made to resist temptation; more you tempt, the more one is determined to hunt the info out.. all it takes is just one slip of the tongue.

My point is, avoid oversharing. Google is a powerful tool, one wrong move and your entire life story can be easily found. An innocent post that you thought nothing of can provide so much information that could potentially harm you. Before you start freaking out, stalk yourself and decide if you’re revealing too much information than you’re comfortable with. In a world where everyone is overexposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery. Stay safe my kitties. X


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