Models Own Nail Polish Remover

Models Own Nail Polish Remover is an unstant nail varnish remover, that works on glitter too! Easy to use and no mess, the remover has a subtle strawberry scent and enhanced with vitamin E, an essential oil that reduces nail brittleness and breakage and softens cuticles. It also reduces nail brittleness, breakage and soften one’s cuticles. How effective is this? I’d put my ugly nail polish to the test (not sure if you noticed on the pic above ;p).

Dip, twist and go! This has got to be the most fuss-free nail polish remover I’ve ever owned without the need to constantly look out for cotton pads to soak my nail polish remover into. And yes, Models Own Nail Polish Remover works well even for glitter~ Gone are the days when I have to find an aluminium foil to wrapped my soaked cotton pad onto my nails just so I can remove the glitters in a more convenient way. I have had it for a few months now and it still works as well as the day I first used it. Definitely worth re-purchasing!

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