Shu Uemura Blanc Chroma (Brightening & Polishing Cleansing) Oil

All beauty junkies will know by heart that it is important to wash your face before you sleep; it removes dirt, grime and pollutants that have gathered on the skin during the day, as well as makeup. If you don’t wash your face before going to sleep, it will caused bacteria ]to multiply and cause damage to your skin, like acne breakouts, due to the bacteria settling into the pores of your skin (which are wide open when you’re asleep). Shu Uemura Blanc Chroma Cleansing Oil (150ml- $55/450ml – $125) is the first Volcanic clay cleansing oil that also acts as a gentle daily exfoliator and targets on melano-stains on skin surface that cause skin tone darkness and harm healthy complexion. This baby also boasts a clarifying clay extract and a mild exfoliant, both of which promise to work in tandem to scour off surface spots and such for comfortably clean, transparent skin.

I reckon this is actually my very first time reviewing a product when I’m left with barely 1% of it :p And for me to use it until there’s not much left, it could only mean one thing: I LOVE IT!! To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with this cleansing oil initially as I felt it wasn’t thorough enough.. until Jhun pointed out a silly mistake I’d committed without realising – you’re suppose to massage it into your skin when your face and hands are dry. Afterwhich, rinse warm water onto your skin for the oils “emulsify’ and thoroughly cleanse your skin. What a world of difference it made. Shu Uemura Blanc Chroma Cleansing Oil effectively and efficiently removes all makeup, dirt and impurities effortlessly, right down to my waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It’s without a doubt that I will be popping by Shu Uemura’s counters very soon to restock on this~ x

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