Feel invigorated with Original Source!


With 9 awesome flavors to choose from, Original Source is not only packed with natural plant extracts and authentic fragrances found from all aspects of nature, it is also vegan and cruelty-free! Each bottle of Original Source is intensifying and invigorating in its own special way, giving you a multi-sensorial showering experience each time!

I remember stealing my dad’s Original Source for Men in Black Mint (hair and body) when I was a teenager, cuz I love how refreshing and invigorating it feels from head to toe – which is perfect for our super hot weather! Adding on to my favorite list is the Zingy Lime that reminds me of Solero ice cream along with the Cranberry & Honey scrub! Original Source can be found in your nearest Watsons, Guardian & Cold Storage, retailing at $6.50 each! x

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