Another beauty product recommended by a Korean celebritiy, May Coop’s Cleansing mousse was introduced by Secret’s Song Ji Eun in ‘Get it Beauty’. This micro-foam cleanser is designed to deeply penetrate and cleanse your skin with its fine and clear bubbles! It contains 70% maple water, green tea, chestnut and blackcurrant extracts, to thoroughly remove makeup and dirt without over-drying your skin. In fact, maple sap is a very effective moisturizer as it is rich in glycerin and is so nourishing, you can even skip toner and essence! Great news for all the lazy busy ladies out there!

Personally, I find it very soft and gentle for daily usage and love how it does not irritate my currently sensitive skin (from using too much acne products /:). One single pump is more than sufficient for my entire face, and it’s mild floral scent is a plus point for me!

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