Random scribbles: My first part time job!

Was watching Youtube the other day and I came across a video about finding part time jobs in singapore and it reminded me of the days after JC. Fresh out of school, waiting for A’lvl results, waiting to get into University and well, basically the long period of waiting.  Majority of my friends went overseas but I chose to stick around in Singapore. At that age, we had time, energy but no money.

So the search for part time jobs was on! For starters, Google was my first option: trying out different key words such as “part time jobs singapore” and “part time jobs for students“, always hoping the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button works its magic to find me a suitable part time job that is easy and pays more than the average market rate (Anything above $5/hr was awesome).  Sadly after awhile, all we get are the same old websites advertising the same old jobs.  Which brings us to the round 2 of my search: shortlisting the right part time jobs!

I had to trawl through the hundreds of listings and came up with a handful of them that I was interested in. Don’t expect the reply to be instant (same applies for full time job, oh the agony of waiting) & the problem where the job ends up not suitable for you. Imagine getting all dressed up expecting some sort of customer service role and end up being ‘enrolled’ in a pyramid scheme ☹ Yet now, so much has changed, with sites specifically catered for students!

Getting a part time job has its pros and cons like everything in life. If you get flexible working hours, there’s still time to party! For me, I spent long hours working as a trainer in an adventure camp (Innotrek), resulting in me always feeling super exhausted from the crazy working hours and ended up sleeping and recovering my strength for the next camp. But the amazing experience and stories that came along with working there, prolly that’s for another time~ In the meantime, here’s some old pictures of myself as a trainer (my first ever part time job) in 2010 to keep you enticed! 

One of my first few camps, back when I have a fringe~

With my beloved St Marg girls after being bitten by sandflies at Sarimbun. Yes, I used to wear braces too :B

Sing-Indo camp = best experience ever!

Site recce in Malacca (creepiest place ever with leeches!)

After camp adventure: killing the damn ants!

Those were the days 🙂


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