Mary Kay’s MelaCEP+ Ultimate Serum


Powered by Mary Kay’s most innovative complex to date, the MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous Complex is a proprietary blend that delivers powerful brightening benefits, helping to transport your skin to a new level of luminosity. Retailing at S$160, the new serum aims to dramatically improve skin’s overall appearance, leaving it feeling smoother, healthier and more purified.

Formulated with Mary Kay’s MelaCEP Plus+TM Luminous Complex (a proprietary of edelweiss extract), it has been proven to significantly improve the look of skin brightness, luminosity, texture and dark spots on Asian skin. By targeting beyond melanin and eliminating harmful impurities leave skin looking dull, one can only imagine the magic this serum does for your skin.

The texture of Mary Kay’s MelaCEP+ Ultimate Serum is amazingly lightweight and akin to water – odourless and absorbs super quickly into my skin. There’s no stickiness before/after and I can easily proceed to my next skincare routine without fearing that it will be too rich too. I have been religiously using this for almost a month now (thus my uber late review as usual) and am pleased to notice that it has helped my skin look more glowy and translucent, despite the ongoing late nights ever since my HKG trip!

Obviously just relying on Mary Kay’s MelaCEP+ Ultimate Serum is not going to give you flawless skin, so do remember to hydrate yourself loads and have a minimum of 8 hours rest per day to reap the benefits of flawless skin. TGIF my kitties 😀

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