2015: New Year, New beginnings

Reflecting 2014

As I venture into my second year as a blogger, I find it super easy to be subconsciously caught up with all the competition, blog politics and ended up asking myself why this person has so many deals and I have nothing. It gets frustrating from time to time, so I like to take a step back and have a “social media detox” until I feel much happier and confident about myself. I have since learnt that there is no point staying in places that won’t help me grow, pointless to work with people who do not appreciate my work. It bores me, it frustrates me and it weighs me down. Overthinking and over analysing don’t help the situation either, but left me with more questions. So I tend to avoid doing that, and look for changes and opportunities elsewhere instead. Being optimistic is the best way to move forward and I am thankful for the opportunities – an Ion Insider, a BlackBox influencer, a Clozette ambassador, a contributor to GetKlarity, the host of Lifestyle Beat and my next adventure, being a BNT Girl again! *whee*

I did have the misfortune of unknowingly being involved in a drama with a certain blogger who didn’t like that she was under my “social media declutter” list. (By the way, your recent attempts in copying my blog posts/instagram style is pathetic and desperate. How about finding your own originality?) The confrontation sure was unnecessary and unpleasant, having to put up with someone who couldn’t control her emotions and bitchiness.. but well, thanks for proving me right, again and again. What’s the point of putting up with someone’s negativity when you hardly communicate with that person right? We are too old for drama mamas anyway! And I sure do not believe in hanging dirty linens in public, no matter how much I was wronged for a situation. At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinions and some might just twist everything you say to their own advantage. I do not do things without a reason – I rather cut people out of my life than put up with their hypocritical, backstabbing or competitive ways. Like I always say, do whatever that makes you happy as long as your conscience is clear. Though that does not mean I will allow others to step all over me, I do strongly believe in karma and would rather let nature take its course than to stoop down to their cheapshit level. But for now, kicking negativity out of my life = best feeling ever!

This is also the year where I lost the love of my life without a chance to say goodbye. Just like how I treated every heartbreaking moments in my life. I had a good cry and swept it to the back of my mind. That’s how I deal with pain because I’d learnt that dwelling in negativity wouldn’t help the situation. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss her. Whenever I read articles on doggies (especially on their passing) or look at adorable doggies running around the neighborhood park, my heart aches. I know it is a scar that will never go away and can never be healed, that’s the agony of losing a man’s best friend… I’m just really lucky that this time round, I have my bf right by my side for comfort and support. Something that is really rare since we’d spent most of our relationship apart, I really appreciate it.

Talking about losing loved ones in my life, the same goes to friendship. Sometimes, you just have to lose some to gain more. I lost what I thought was a close clique of girlfriends sometime this year, only to gain back a crazier and more sincere bunch of girlfriends. Although it still baffles me on why whatever happen happened, I am glad that everything always happen for a reason and all I can do is to let go and move on.

Well basically, 2014 had been one of the rare smooth sailing years for me in which I learnt to take a backseat -by observing and learning along the way. I’d since learnt a little more of myself.. the things that I enjoy doing, the importance of focusing on positivity and the sense of accomplishment by taking pride in my work. It had also been a year of many unfortunate, heartbreaking aviation disasters; they just make me want to hold on to my loved ones a little tighter each time in fear of the fragility of life. It could happen to anyone of us and that is enough of a wake up call to constantly appreciate my family and friends, and never to take things for granted. I’m truly blessed.

Why the new domain?

After careful consideration, I am back to my own domain again despite knowing I will risk losing my traffic and that it will take awhile before things get back to normal. Reason being, I would love to be in control of the outlook of my website and be ad-free. Yes, I know the banner and previous layout were hideous, I cringed whenever I looked at it and even gave my feedback but to no avail. It kind of serves as a breaking point for me because I prefer my blog layouts to look clean so that my photos will stand out more and not the other way round (which kinda explained my utter demotivation to blog at the later part of the year). Nevertheless, thank you all for the continuous support despite the domain switch, I am very very grateful to still have my kitties with me! Here’s to a good change for something bigger and better πŸ™‚

Nonetheless, I am eternally thankful to MyFatPocket for giving me a chance to be part of their family when I first started out blogging. I’ve always encouraged my girlfriends to join MFP as a stepping-stone for their blogs. Despite the lack of opportunities and advertorials (since they have so many wonderful bloggers for their clients to choose from), being in MFP’s platform is a good exposure to PR companies as compared to staying in your own domain. I remember my very first media invite was a Brazilian IPL not long after I joined MFP; I was so hesitant, fearing it was just another one of those spam mails, I had to ask if it was legit! Lol! MFP has opened many doors for me that I could never have imagined – who would have thought I would actually go through Sculptra?!, or writing for Etude House – for that I’m always grateful.

By the way, I do know that my new layout is not perfect yet so do be patient with me whilst I fine-tune it ’til perfection~

What can you expect from me this year

When it comes to reviewing on skincare products, I like to take my time trying out the products and experiencing the changes (if any) it has on my skin before doing a proper entry. Because unlike makeup, the results are rarely immediate and I won’t like to mislead you kitties. Which also explains why I can never understand bloggers who review on skincare products within a few days and claiming the brilliant effects it gives as it’s just not possible.. unless you are talking about masks! So I really would like to apologize for always taking ages with my skincare reviews and I am forever grateful for your patience and faith in me! πŸ™‚

I am also thinking of cutting down on food tastings and let’s be honest, I’m quite particular about food and am rarely satisfied with the food photos that I take. Sometimes you either have it or you don’t, and in this case.. I don’t think I have what it takes to be a typical food blogger. Things I like to eat are either not flattering to shoot at (aka not instagram worthy enough to make you drool) or too boring to perk your interest. I find brunches a waste of money and much prefer slurping down some assam laksa at a JB roadside stall parked beside a drain.

To sum it up, I reckon I will be focusing a lot more on beauty reviews with the occasional travelogues and personal/lifestyle posts (though they will mostly be on Dayre). I rather do something I am very comfortable with since time is so precious these days and nothing de-stresses me better than to focus on things that I like! I suppose personal well-being just becomes increasingly important as we grow older, well for me at least.

2015 Resolutions

I have always avoided talking much about my personal self and thoughts as past experiences had taught me a bitter lesson when you reveal too much – People tend to exploit your weaknesses, put words in your mouth and act like they know you. Heck, one crazy bitch even diagnosed me with BPD when we haven’t even met or spoken before! At the same time, I know nobody wants to only read reviews after reviews + events + advertorials blablabla.. so I will try to be more open about my personal life and bitchy inner thoughts k? So here’s ending off with my new year resolutions, nothing major though because I am really content with my life now:

β™₯ Better time management

β™₯ To finally get my driving license (still in the midst of learning)

β™₯ Manage my savings well with less expenditures

β™₯ Get back in shape again

β™₯ At least one roadtrip this year!


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