A date at Universal Studios Singapore

I was still an undergraduate down under when USS first opened its doors in Singapore. So by the time I was back here, 90% of my friends had gone to USS at least once and the remaining few just couldn’t be bothered. Unfortunately, fatty was one of them as he felt that my lack of interest in thrilling rides would be a complete waste of moolahs and refused to go with me… well until much much later, after all the persuading and planning for the “right time”. Was pretty excited since I haven been to Sentosa for ages and had no idea what was in store for me. Since we now have a higher purchasing power, we bought express passes and had so much cheap thrills jumping the queues! Zooming pass everyone, we conquered every single ride – yes, even the kiddy ones lol; and were done in 3 hours. Some rides ended as quickly as it started, leaving as bewildered and asking each other “is that it?” whilst some were just crazy fun! Not much pics were taken cuz I left my camera in the locker after awhile to enjoy without worrying that I’ll damage or lose my stuff, nonetheless, do enjoy 🙂



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