Japan Day 1 : Getting There

Can you see the peak of Mt. Fuji?

Plane tickets

Instead of the limited airlines back then, travellers now have more options to choose from (from comfort to budget) and my family chose the in between – Ana Airlines due to the promotion they happened to have. It was one of the quietest flight I have been on but was unfortunately subjected to the frequent whiff of someone’s smelly feet right behind -.- I have the worst luck when it comes to smelly people. *sigh* It was interesting to note that instead of pulling the window shades down, you get to adjust the smart glass up to five levels of sunlight to reduce cabin glare while maintaining a view to the outside world. Even the most opaque setting still has some transparency, as seen above.


We stayed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel for the entire trip as it is very accessible to Shinagawa Train Station – which made travelling around heaps easy. It was approximately an hour bus ride from the airport.. everyone was so quiet in public transports making most of our trips very enjoyable and peaceful (and super comfortable to nod off)!

Public transport

Speaking of which, we stick mainly to taking trains during this trip. The complicated maps may seem intimidating initially, but once you see past that, travelling becomes really convenient 🙂 As mentioned previously, taking trains were an enjoyment even during peak hours due to such polite manners the Japanese have. Do you know that phones should be in silent mode at all times and should be switched off when standing/seating near the priority seats? Why don’t we have that in Singapore?!

Skincare & Clothings

We arrived at Japan during X’mas week 2013 (yes I know I took forever to blog about my travel posts, sorry!) so it was freezing despite the 3 layers of clothing I am wearing everyday! Even my Aussie winter clothes failed me and I had a dull ache on my back by the end of every day during the trip. I do enjoy myself tho, but I don’t think I will want to travel during Winter if given the chance.. lol.

Skincare wise, I tried Laneige White Plus Renew travel set since it has everything I needed and my skin loves it! In fact, I think my skin loves that particular range better in Japan than in Singapore.. my skin was glowing practically everyday~~ It could be due to the air and the cold too! Whatever the reason it was, my skin was loving it!

Internet Access in Japan

According to my gf who is residing in Japan, prepaid cards for mobile broadband aren’t exactly common in Japan. If you’re just there for less than a week, I recommend that you just stick to our local auto-roaming.. I used Starhub’s DataRoam Daily Unlimited for $15 a day so that my family can leech on it as a hotspot and makes travelling around and searching for places heaps easier – I just have to be connected to Conexus, nothing else.


Japan is haven for food, so it should be the least of everyone’s worries. Just a small 7-11 itself was more than enough to spoil me with choices, we mainly bought our breakfast there! Häagen Dazs is so so much cheaper with crazier flavors too… *so jealous*

During the trip, I was asked why did my family and I had fusion for our first meal in Japan.. well mainly cuz my dad is not used to eating authentic Japanese meals and much much prefer fusion. It wasn’t too much of a biggie for us since they were equally delicious!!

Italian Bar & Grill Vento ヴェント高輪

1F Keikyuu Shopping Plaza Wing Takanawa West
4-10-18 Takanawa Minato-ku
Tokyo 108-00, Japan

+81 3 3441 7952

Hot tea is always recommended when feeling cold 🙂

Grilled Pork “Matsuzaka” – Most succulent and juicy pork chop ever~

Pizza Picante – My yummy sakura-shrimp pizza with garlic, cheese and chili!

Tired but very very happy..



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