Top 10 things to do before I hit 35

1. Get married

As silly as this may sound, I have always dream of being someone’s wife. I know, very odd from someone who loves her freedom and lashes out at anyone who restricts it. But it is always nice for a flighty person like me to have someone secure to keep me grounded and focused on my goals. And to be pampered :B

2. Home ownership

I have always longed for a place to call my own.. at the rate I am paying for my rent, I can actually be paying for my own house. Which I will – upon settling some complicated matters that only time and patience will help.

3. Go on a girls-only vacation

This will be major should it ever happen! My boyfriend have had so many holidays out with his buddies, I am starting to get irritated -.- But I know it will happen, I am just waiting for my girls to settle down on their careers and start saving up. I will make sure it topple the boys hands down! 😀

4. Go on a solo trip

I think my parents will nag non-stop should they ever know but.. there is a certain beauty in having fun on my own. I like to think of it as wanting to explore the world and learn more about myself in the process.

5. Sleep under the stars

Oh bring me back to my camping and roadtrip days.. How I miss them so..

6. Watch Rugby World Cup LIVE!

Please oh please let me see Ma’a Nonu in person again ♥ And hopefully James O’Connor will still be playing~ ♥♥ Ideally, I would love to go for RWC 2019 in Japan.. Favorite sports being played in my favorite country. Woohoo!

7. Find an exercise routine and stick with it

Preferably Pilates or Body Balance. Believe it or not, I used to be a long distance runner and even got 2nd running for my school’s cross country. Nowadays, I much prefer swimming laps compared to running; though I would rather a much relaxing form of exercise to destress whilst strengthening my core at the same time (refer to first sentence).

8. Complete my CPA

This will no doubt be the hardest shit I have ever done in my life but it will need to be done for my own sake.

9. Learn a foreign language.

Not only will it give me a good reason to travel to a country where the language is spoken without fear of language barriers, but also add value to my resume. I regretted not forcing myself to go through with my German classes back then (although it was mainly cuz I had no one to practice with…).

10. A healthy savings account

Easier said than done, I know. Too much variable factors that have been preventing it from happening but I am not young anymore. I know that my wishlist is more realistic and dull as compared to the many #YOLO ones out there. But with only 10 years left before I hit 35, I don’t wish to regret on things I could have accomplished just because I was fooling around too much. I rather work harder a little and be comfortable with my life later on 🙂



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