BNT News: Graymelin Seven Tatoo Eyebrow

Editorial Review

I received this Graymelin Seven Tatoo Eyebrow in Dark Brown, a shade that will be ideal to most girls out there! Sadly the product description was all written in Korean and the only info I managed to get online is that the “seven” in “Graymelin Seven Tatoo Eyebrow” simply means that it lasts for 7 days~

I am lucky to be blessed with thick eyebrows so this is the one makeup routine I tend to skip unless I have a special event or photoshoots. The soft brush has a fine felt tip that gives off just the right amount of product – perfect for drawing individual hair for one’s brows. I tried removing it with my makeup remover initially and I just couldn’t! It took a few washes before it completely disappeared so I don’t think it will actually last up til 7 days, but at least you won’t have to worry about your eyebrows disappearing during the day..


I honestly tried drawing my brows with this but the brush is so soft and flimsy, I just couldn’t grasp the technique of drawing proper eyebrows. I also tried doing something simple like “filling in the gaps” only to end up too heavy-handed and had super dark crayon-shin brows instead :/ Long story short, I give up!!! If you’re a noob in drawing eyebrows like I am with thick eyebrows, steer far away from products with soft brushes like this as it is really hard to control your strength. I would recommend Laneige Natural Brow Liner-Auto Pencil or Benefit Brow Zings instead 🙂


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