Bargain-hunts in Target

Whenever I am about to fly back to Singapore, I always made it a point to get either shower gels or body lotions with really pretty packaging for my girlfriends and Target had always been the best place to find them with a very reasonable price tag. One of my favorites would be the Cath Kidston collection, heaps cheaper than even Malaysia! So I ended up chancing upon these bunch of Target homebrand products when it was going for only $2.50 each instead of $5; fascinated, I decided to try them out 🙂

Hand Heaven: Pomegrante Chapped Hands Remedy w coconut oil
This hand cream is said to protect and repair dry hands and enriched with coconut oil to replenish dry skin and cuticles. It smells like pomegranate, feels really light in texture but slightly greasy as it takes awhile to be absorbed into my skin. However, once absorbed the greasiness is gone and my hands feels much more moisturized. For $5 I reckon it is a pretty good deal for a hand cream. Though then again, I have heaps of hand cream and this is just something I most probably can live without since I have tried better ones?

Sole Solution: Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub with peppermint oil
This is definitely my favorite of the lot! It is exactly like The Body Shop’s Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub but way cheaper! So if you are a fan of TBS’s foot scrub then this product definitely needs no introduction.
This foot scrub is said to exfoliate dead skin, conditions the heels and sole of feet. Smells of peppermint and is simply a very gentle scrub for my feet after a long day. I prefer it coming in a tube instead of having to scoop it from a tub like TBS’s as it is much more clean and hygienic in my opinion. Simply massage in circular movements over wet feet and rinse off with warm water. When exfoliated and dry, apply…

Sole Solution: Peppermint Heel Balm with shea butter and peppermint oil
It is said to soften and help protect dry cracked skin on heels. I can’t speak for that as I am blessed with no cracked skin on my heels, but it definitely helps in richly moisturizing my feet when it feels really dry and disgusting. It doesn’t smell really pleasant as compared to the foot scrub, most probably due to the added shea butter, but it is really concentrated and you would feel a tinge of cooling sensation from the peppermint. My advice would be to wear socks right after you moisturize your feet for optimum moisturizing effect!

So yup, there you go, a little bargain hunt for yourself or lovely surprises for your friends. For the hand cream, I would definitely recommend the rose scented one instead. Didn’t purchase it for myself but I bought about 10 tubes for my mom and her friends and they love it! Smells exactly like Cath Kidston rose hand cream for half the price 😉


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