girly day out w lois darl

Lois is always my fave Melb tour guide since she knows very well what I like~ Afterall, we were classmates since 13, good friends since 15, darlings by 17, haha!
Anyway, we had brunch at Auction Rooms for good poached eggs and white peony tea [really awesome tea]; really love the atmosphere btw! Fries from Lord of the Fries for snacking; was sucha pity that they ran out of gravy I had to resort to tomato and mayo instead :/ We had tea and cupcakes at the Little Cupcake shop, their frostings are so yummy~ The weather was so cold and miserable, we had dinner at Menya Ramen to warm ourselves but it wasn’t really that good tho.. Had my fruit infusion bubble tea for supper and it was awesomely refreshing! Definitely a recommendation when Summer comes 🙂

Lois darling

Brunch at Auction Rooms

Awesome poached eggs!

Awesome quality of white peony tea 🙂 [to help cure my pathetic hangover..]

Lord of the fries!

Fries w tomato sauce and mayo.

Baby cupcakes at the Little Cupcake Shop

Accompanied w Jasmine Tea 🙂

Dinner at Menya Ramen. Didn’t enjoy my ginseng pork bone ramen at all tho :/


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