Review: My Japanese skincare routine with IRÉN

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged about beauty products in detail, but I’ve found one worthy recently so let’s talk skincare today! Japanese skincare made easy, IRÉN was created for modern ladies who do not have the luxury of time for her specific skin needs. When I was first introduced to the brand, the rainbow colored Irén Customized Serums ($58) caught my attention immediately for its cute yet fuss-free packaging. Imbued with active superfruit concentrates for each serum, you can use it on its own or mix them together for a personalized concoction to address your specific skin concerns.

From left to right, we have: Anti-Aging (Goji berries), Clearing (Pumpkin), Whitening (Yuzu), Soothing (Avocado), Hydrating (Blueberries), Anti-Acne (Mangosteen) and Anti-Wrinkle (Beet).

The packaging aesthetics did not just stop at the pretty colours, all you got to do is twist the cap open to pick up the right amount of product and press once to dispense the goodness onto your hand. Simple and hygienic, this one drop dispenser actually minimizes trapped bubbles, thus keeping serums fresh and locked in!

Being a woman, I tend to adjust my skincare according to different parts of my monthly cycle, so I do personally prefer using different products of different intensities to manage my ever-changing skin types on a day-to-day basis. On days when my menses are looming near and breakouts are aplenty, I tend to reach out for the Clearing and Anti-Acne combo – even adding in the Hydrating serum if I’m too lazy for my moisturizers.

How effective can these concentrated serums be? Thanks to the unique Ziplock Encapsulation Technology that IRÉN co-formulated with A*STAR, allowing molecule of the active ingredient to only be released upon contact with your skin, resulting in high permeability and enhanced efficacy. Instead of layering serums one at a time, you can instead mix them up and apply at one go.

I would find the texture much thicker than usual, so a little goes a long way. At night, I tend to use a pump each and generously apply my concoction of the day on my skin. It may feel a sticky initially but once fully absorb, I’m good to go!

That’s not all though, these customized serums can actually be complemented by IRÉN’s Skin Vaporizer ($338). Oh yes, evenly misting my serum instead of applying them by hand, now that’s a first! It makes my skincare light by nano-sizing the serum’s active nutrients onto my skin, allowing it to be absorbed even faster into my skin without feeling the slightest stickiness (as compared to traditionally applying them).

It’s really perfect for “lazy” women who like everything fuss-free and easy, mix what you need in and mist! I personally like that it helps reduce product wastage while ensuring sanitation – since I’m always moving around while applying my skincare.

IRÉN’s Skin Vaporizer also comes with a serum mixer, allowing you to either pour your preferred skincare directly into the vaporizer or use the serum mixer to prevent wastage/spillage. It is USB chargeable and can be taken apart for washing when there’s a need to.

Wondering how it differs from the Hydra Ultrasonic Facial Mist Spray? I’ve both tbh and from my trial and error, I noticed that the facial mist spray doesn’t just turn any product into a mist. Anything denser than H20 and it will fail to work, thus eliminating loads of toner; when I do find a toner good enough, I ended up choking from the “scent” cuz it is tooooo fine -..- IRÉN’s Skin Vaporizer has however worked on all my toners and essence!

This is my current IRÉN picks that I’ve incorporated into my skincare routine for months. I use IRÉN Skin Clear Lotion ($78) right after cleansing to restore skin’s health and boost serum absorption, apply my SK2 essence before misting my face with the serum trio, before ending off with a moisturizer/facial oil. As per all skincare, it does takes a while to see visible results but I’m happy to note that they have serve me well by minimising my monthly breakouts while still being really gentle and soothing to the skin.

This multifunctional beauty tool is a game changer, there’s certainly no turning back for me. Not only can you use it for your skincare, IRÉN’s Skin Vaporizer works really well with makeups like foundations and highlighter too! A little bird told me that IRÉN is looking into bringing in interchangeable heads for easy switching between products, now that’s something for me to look forward to~

In the meantime, do stay tune to my IG to find out how you can win a Skin Vaporizer and 3 IRÉN Serums worth $512. A giveaway you shouldn’t miss for the world! x

IRÉN products can be found at:

Ikeda Spa
787 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269762

Ikeda Spa Prestige
6 Eu Tong Sen Street 05-22 Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817

Face Shower Bar by Iren
1 Raffles Link, B1-17A Citylink Mall, Singapore 039393

Online store


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