GUEST POST: Scar Revision Techniques For Lips

GUEST POST: Scar Revision Techniques For Lips

There are several techniques used to improve the look and feel of lips with scars and deformities. Some physicians employ surgical methods and derma-fillers to even out the structure of your lips. The severity of each case varies and can include repairing a lip piercing, cleft lip and injuries. Your physician will determine the most efficient procedure to repair your lips and improve your appearance.

If you have bumps and lumpy scars on your lips, the excess tissue needs to be removed by a surgeon. The same applies to scars formed by cars accidents, animal bites and birth abnormalities. These procedures require the expertise of a skilled surgeon that knows how to make small incisions. Your lips are made of soft tissues with nerves and muscles, so you must have the procedure done by a professional.

Types of Lip Scar Revision Methods

The cleft lip and palate surgery is one of the most common procedures performed. This is a split or palate that can be caused by exposure to toxins, having diabetes or being obese during pregnancy. Many babies are born with this deformity, and it can cause additional health problems if not addressed. A child can have difficulty eating, develop serious ear infections and have problems speaking with a cleft palate.

In adults, the deformity causes speech impediments, dental issues and unhappiness with their appearance. The treatment method will depend on the severity of the case and may consist of multiple surgeries to repair the nose, cleft lip and palate. The procedure corrects your facial asymmetry, improves your health and increases self-confidence.

Some people have had accidents such as falls and – that have left their lips scarred. These types of scars can include advanced surgery to remove scar tissue and reshape your lip. An injury caused by sports may require intensive surgery as well depending on the severity. A board-certified surgeon can evaluate the issue and determine the type of surgery needed to treat your scar.

Lip Enhancement
There are also derma-fillers and steroid injections available for patients with smaller scars and do not need surgeries. Physicians use Radiesse, Juvéderm or Restylane alone or in combinations depending on the severity of your scar. They also use permanent options by grafting parts of the sternocleidomastoid muscle which is located on the back of the neck to sculpt your lips. The muscle is surgically placed into the corners of your mouth to create poutier lips.

A grafted lip transplant last longer than the derma-fillers and does not require repeated treatments. There are not any complications with this procedure because the tissue is taken from your body. On the other hand, fillers are injected into your lips to reduce unsightly scars. The injections decrease lines, restore lip borders and create plumper lips. Although derma-fillers enhance your lips and get rid of scars, you may need to continue with injections because it’s a temporary solution.

With laser treatment, a physician can repair sores and lip scars. It helps eliminate discoloration, raised and old scars. Surgeons typically use a pulsed dye laser for softening lips and decreasing the visibility of unwanted marks. This procedure usually, does not cause any side effects or discomfort but can cause bruising. People with sun damaged lips tend to choose laser therapy because it removes the layers of burned skin.

The Benefits of Lip Scar Revision

If you are adult with a cleft lip or palate, you may suffer from social stigmas and have issues with eating and speaking. Once you have your condition repaired, your life will change dramatically. Your facial structure and lips are reformed to not only make you more attractive. You also have better dental health, breathing capacities and improved speech. The shape of your mouth is defined, and you have a fuller smile which makes you approachable.

Derma-fillers give you appealing lips by smoothing out deep folds and indentations. They typically contain hyaluronic acid and are applied around your mouth and lips to assist with reducing the appearance of scars. The injections flatten out wrinkles and can make you look younger.

Since there is no need for anesthesia or invasive surgery, fillers are given within 10 minutes. There is no recovery time, and you get to go home or back to work immediately. The side effects are minimal, and the only discomfort you have is attributed to swelling from the procedure. When your lip scars are minimized, your makeup looks polished. Your lips are plumper, and the effects can last up to several months.

What Causes Lip Scars?

Your lips are delicate and here are some of the reasons they can become scarred:

When people smoke for lengthy periods of time, their lips tend to turn black and purple.

Cold Sores
These blisters are usually caused by the herpes virus and can cause permanent scars on your lips.

Sports Injuries
An injury that occurs due to being hit in the mouth or rough activity while engaging in sports.

When someone falls on to their mouth area and damages their lips. This can cause underlying scar tissue and distorted lips.

Patients with mouth cancer have sores and scars form on their lips that require surgery. These procedures are usually invasive, and patients need extensive care.

A lip scar can form by stitches from previous surgeries and from picking your mouth. You should take care of your lips and try to avoid scaring them. There are many methods available to patients with lip scars, including laser, surgery and dermal fillers. A physician can treat bumps, hardened skin and discolorations without invasive surgery and serious conditions such as cleft lips and cancer deformities.

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