Celmonze The Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage Review

Prior to my wedding, I’ve always been adventurous when it comes to facial experiences.. trying anything and everything to see what the market has to offer. Unfortunately post wedding me decided to just stick with my usual basics unless I could find a good facial that would take good care of my acne-prone yet tired skin. As seen in the picture above, that’s actually how haggard I look without a trace of makeup… can I blame it on the life of an OL? 🙁 Fortunately, I was introduced to Celmonze The Signature, which originated from France, and have 35 outlets in Malaysia, 3 outlets in Singapore (Heartland Mall Kovan, Rivervale Mall and Tampines) with more to come!

Known as a one-stop beauty heaven that rejuvenates from head to toe, Celmonze The Signature takes pride in providing real results to their customers with healing innovations for all skin problems through years of experience in the beauty industry. Naturally, I have to try out their very own Signature Facial and Signature Facelift Massage that is known to bring about visibly positive results after each treatment. So here we go~

After a concise consultation to identify my main concerns, I was given the green light to go ahead with their featured Signature Facial and Signature Facelift Massage that’s known to solve 4 main skin problems in 1 solution: acne, pigmentation, sensitive, sagging. But first, a little mirror selfie after checking out my cozy treatment room 😉

We got started with a relaxing welcoming touch using essential oil, before proceeding with the usual cleansing, enzyme peeling to soften black heads and extraction – all of which only uses Celmonze Paris skin care products.

Next up was double masking (every maskaholic favorite!); the first was aimed to purify and brighten skin while the second masking boost up hydration 3 times more than the normal mask. The cherry on top of the cake has got to be the shoulder massage using their own blend of avocado oil while waiting for the masking session to be over! I personally prefer getting a super shiok massage instead of being left to doze off to pass time, it certainly felt like a well-deserved pampering treat to maxmize my moolahs.

But that’s not it guys, it was swiftly followed by CTS’s Signature Facelift Massage – which explains my undeniable glee, hehe. A holistic 20 mins treatment incorporating face, neck and shoulders, with techniques of Facial Lymph Nodes, Energy Stone Therapy, Drainage Point followed by Manual Lift Up Muscle Contour Massage and Western treatment of Ironing Crinkle Away method. I wished this facial would never end…

Do you know that having CTS Signature Facelift Massage is akin to toning your face, neck and shoulders? It helps to set 7 types of muscle found on the face minus the pain and endurance of exercising. By stimulating skeletal muscles to support skin shape, one can expect to lift and set back muscle position. The entire session was nothing to short of pleasurable, all while detoxing, bringing nutrients to skin while solving skin problems like reducing under-eye bags and puffiness, improving skin tone and even lessening wrinkles and fine lines. Talk about having your cake and eating it too~

We finished off with the Manual Lift Up Muscle Contour Massage, in which my beauty therapist showed me the results after scraping half of my face. The lifting and firming results were instantly visible, I was impressed to say the least!

Other than the inevitable redness from my extraction, can you spot the difference? As mentioned, the most obvious would definitely be the toning and tightening of my facial muscles after the Signature Facelift Massage, especially my jaw area. On top of that, my skin was visibly brighter and so much more hydrated after the treatment resulting n a youthful skin complexion instead of the usual haggard me… in fact, it was glowing for the next 2-3 days much to my delight!

Do pardon my super CMI post-facial hair but here’s another before (left) and after (right) shot with zero edit to show how obvious the difference is. Check out that glow and V-shape!

If you’re keen on enjoying the same facial treatment as I did, Celmonze The Signature will be giving away FREE Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage worth ($198) to all successfully registered readers! All you got to do is to simply (1) register here, (2) Like their Facebook Page and (3) Follow @celmonzethesignaturesingapore on IG , and you’ll be notified by a phone call to confirm the facial treatment! This is however valid for first time female Singaporean, PR and valid working permit pass holders age at 21 years old and above only.

Celmonze The Signature – Heartland Mall Kovan
Heartland Mall Kovan, 205, Hougang Street 21, #03-10
Singapore 530205.
+65 8828 8287 / + 65 6282 6287

Celmonze The Signature – Tampines Outlet
Blk 406, Tampines Street 41 #01-19, Singapore 520406
+65 6789 7879 / +65 8838 3223

Celmonze The Signature – Rivervale Mall
11,Rivervale Crescent, Rivervale Mall #02-01j Singapore
+65 8826 1082 / +65 6386 0757


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