words to a thought

Go into things with the firefighter mindset – step back, take in everything, assess, breathe, then respond.

Spoken by our global head of talent, I couldn’t help but reflect on these wise words. Many a times I find myself reaching work, getting all riled up by the emails and ended up replying them defensively. How different would things be if I were to approach this method not just at work, but towards all other aspects of life? Perhaps arguments could be avoided and rash decision would not be made?

I’ve received pretty upsetting news today after a month of patient waiting. Most times, I would immediately question myself “Why me? Why doesn’t anything come my way easily, but always have to take a huge risky detour?” before launching into attack mode. Today, I didn’t. I took a step back and wondered out loud to my husband, could it be a blessing in disguise, for everything to fall in place in a timely manner? One can only hope and remain optimistic for now – all while remaining calm.

Naturally, it’s impossible that I’ll immediately change for the better; baby steps I suppose.


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