Of changes and challenges

Could totally relate to this, I do wish I could be equally irresponsible and fuck care loads of things… but I can’t. Sometimes I do wonder if this could be considered a first child syndrome; my husband and I tend to be too responsible for our own good, we often ended up doing things against our wishes just because.

2018 have not been as pleasant as I would have like it to be. After the amount of shit that happened last year, I kinda hoped things would turn for the better.. but it didn’t. Nothing but an emotional rollercoaster ride so far, I seemed to lose whatever optimism I have, with only a little to pull me through but definitely not enough for two. I can’t take another depressing talk or negative vibe from others, I’d rather be alone and do it on my own. The only pillar of strength is my husband so far, and hopefully our furbabies to come.

With that, Dayre is finally closing down after a short lifespan. It was good while it lasted, I love the strong community vibe that resembled eljay – that’s what got me hooked to social media back then. So I guess Feb will be the month of backing up posts into my trusty wordpress and we’ll move on from there. Onwards and upwards x

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