Unboxing my Chanel & Chloé haul!

Just one more day before I begin the last leg of my 20s, let’s do some unboxing shall we?! First up, something small I got from #Chanel in HKG, alongside my bag purchase..

It’s nothing much to some but still a first to me. Other than my very first Chanel necklace purchased by the hubs in Singapore, I’ve never bothered buying anything else from our local store due to the distastefully bad service (esp NAC) I’ve experienced.

But since we were already in HKG, I figured I might as well finally get this while we were at it 😊 Saved it ‘til my birthday just to make it extra special!

What most did not know, is of this particular order I made during Black Friday…

Nope, not even the husband knew, for I had it delivered to my office 🤓 The intensive tracking via DHL last week was super fun too! I got it in 4 working days, which is really good for a BF.

It’s guessing time!

Partial unboxing, but it’s already a huge giveaway right 😜

And here it is! Chloé Black Small Nile Bracelet Bag in grained calfskin with suede trimmings ❤️❤️❤️

I remember mentioning to my boss before on how gorgeous and chic this bag is, but it wasn’t high on my list as I wasn’t actively looking for yet another bag.

Until she sent me a link during BF with a 20% off! The initial bag she sent me was in khaki green if I remembered correctly but was already oos, so I was just trying my luck surfing through the site for other colors when I spotted black that was on sale too! 😱😍

Beige suede lining.

IMO, super gorgeous black leather bags are rarely on sale and to have one still staring back at me in stock must be a sign! I couldn’t find a good enough reason of not getting this since I’ve always wanted a black leather bag (it used to be either a Chanel mini rec or boy) and this is not as common, so I carted out almost immd 🙊

Love the gold metal ring ❤️ What extra special items did you haul on Black Friday? Do share! x


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