#Operationkitties: House Tour

Finally received all the professional photos from IDzigner; figured I might as well do a proper house tour of our humble abode!

Let’s get started with the walkway into our house, where this millipede here houses all her shoes and regrettably wish for more. We’re currently trying to grow some plants as well, but the lack of green fingers also mean that they’re struggling to survive 🙊

We did not do much reno here, other than the installation of shoe cabinets, lights and main doors. Everything is as it is.

That aside, I do love our main gate though! Super happy to have Valene helping us source for it at almost half the price of what some cmpy at gain city was promoting for. It kinda gives a hint of what it is to come…

But first, let’s talk about Akira’s favorite spot in the house – his greatest pride!

This open kitchen concept was already achieved by the previous owner, in which they also built a wall to separate the kitchen from service yard. We found that a brilliant idea as most resale wash and hang their clothes in the kitchen, and we just couldn’t accept that. Even though our color choices were almost similar, theirs were super gloomy and dull. Thankfully, ours turned out waaayyy better than my expectations… resulting in a bright and airy kitchen space!

Spot the vento fan we got from JB! It’s such a good buy and helps ventilate the kitchen, especially when we’re cooking. It also helps when we have guests over, as the fan can blow directly towards our dining table. Majority of the remaining kitchen accessories were either purchased from Gain City or Takashimaya (yay to vouchers~).

Turning to your right, where the white folding door is, lies our common toilet!

#Operationkitties: House Tour

Common toilet with a unique sink that our ID sourced for us! If you haven’t guess, our house theme can be considered modern peranakan? Something new, something old.

I wasn’t particular about a color theme as long as it looks bright and airy! Thus, white ended up as my default choice for perceived enlarged space that radiates positive vibes ❤️

#Operationkitties: House Tour

I gave Valene, my ID, more freedom to decide on what she could do with this particular toilet – which is super rare, if you know how stubborn my personality is; but I’m glad I did! This particular sink had been attracting all my guests into the toilet, and it’s hard to guess why right?

Then comes my pride and joy, the room that sealed the deal for me. During our house viewing, I was immediately besotted with how the previous owner had already hacked 2 rooms into 1 massive MBR.

Being someone who had the biggest room in her JB home, it has always been my wish to have a similar sized room again! So this was really everything I’d ever wanted, but better:
✔️ massive space
✔️ walk in wardrobe
✔️ beauty corner
✔️ heaps of sunlight

Left corner is where my bags are stored at with some tiny space left for le hubs 🤣 It was also the corner that I fought pretty hard for because he was concerned on the lack of walking space (that may result in my godzilla moments), while I just find it a need for that seamless flush with my WIW. Thankfully, Valene managed to talk sense into him!

Was mighty pleased with how elegant our WIW turned out to be. I prefer them all concealed instead of an open concept style, cuz I won’t be able to deal with the mess. Wardrobes on the left are all mine, whereas those four doors facing towards you guys belongs to the hubs. Ample space for me! My knobs were also sourced by Valene, who believes that these small little details is what makes a house more unique and with character 🙂

In case you’re wondering, no, there’s no TV in our room as we don’t really watch much anyway.

What’s hiding at the other side of the wall is actually where all my IG magic happens! It’s my working space that leads to our MBR toilet, and has the best lighting in our house 😍 THE place to camp for golden hour~

I really struggled with indecisiveness when it comes to choosing tiles for this particular room. I was so afraid that one wrong choice would ruin the entire room, so it took running around at 3 different places before I finally made my choice.

Subconsciously incorporated quite a lot of blue into this house as it blends in well with the grey, white and brown choices. But these cutesy knobs do bring a pop of color into my beauty room!

So basically my MBR is “divided” into 3: Bed, WIW and beauty room 😊 It turned out to be the bulk of our reno budget tho.

View from the MBR toilet, straight to our king sized bed! Hubs was very worried it won’t fit with much walking space, but my overconfident self reassured him it would. Thank goodness it did, cuz we got it w/o even measuring 🙏🏻

Peranakan tiles in the MBR toilet was the most expensive of the lot. But I do like how it gives character to an otherwise plain toilet.

Was impressed by Valene who made the decision to change our initial dark cabinet laminate to a brighter one, after I expressed my concerns on how much smaller the toilet looked. In the end, it complements the entire bedroom too!

I do know that most people choose to spend on their living room, but I’m glad to have spend it on our bedroom instead. Comfortable and spacious, all that’s missing are some paintings I need to source for!

Another angle! Sliding door for the beauty room to block out those fabulous lights when I’m sleeping, plus reduce the need to run an a/c for technically two rooms.

No professional pictures for the other 2 bedrooms nor living room as we didn’t really do much with them other than basic furnishings. Another time perhaps? x


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