Tips for Decorating Around Your TV


TVs are much thinner and lighter than they used to be. However, they are still pretty hard to decorate around because they don’t fit in with most room designs. They are usually black and sci-fi looking which doesn’t go well with traditional room design styles. TV screens also take up a lot of space and sometimes tend to create an imbalance in your plans for the room. Zou shouldn’t put any artwork or decorations on that wall neither. However, there are ways to go around it and make the TV fit in with the rest of the room.

Mount it

The biggest dilemma everyone is faced with when getting a large flat screen TV is whether to mount it on the wall or place it on a piece of furniture. This decision will also depend on the amount of space you are surrendering to your TV, as well as the number of cables you’ll have to deal with.

Mounting your TV on the wall will allow you to place small decorations in front of it, or add a few small art pieces around it. All of this will create a cleaner and sophisticated look, and the only drawback is that installation may take a whole afternoon.


Hide it

Another option you can go for is to hide the TV altogether. It can be done quite effectively and elegantly if you have the right piece of furniture. You can hide your entertainment unit with so-called barn door. You just need a shelf big enough to fit the TV and you can install the sliding barn door yourself. Keep the doors closed when you’re not watching TV.


Have a media console chest

There’s always an option to make your home theatre system the centerpiece of the room. This means that you’ll need more than just a large TV. You’re also going to need a great sound system, comfortable custom theatre seating, adjustable lights, and gaming and media console. This console shouldn’t be hidden. The best way to go is to place a chest in front of the TV where all the controls will be.

The chest could be as decorative as you want. It could be white, slick and unnoticeable or you could make it an elaborate furniture piece that dominates the room.


Black and white

If your TV is large and black it could be the first thing everyone will notice when they enter the room. The best way to remedy this is to add a lot of white around it to create some contrast. Those white objects, however, should be smaller than the TV.

Start by placing a white shelf underneath the TV, but also add a few white lamps on both sides and some artwork. The object around the TV don’t have to be in perfect symmetry, because just a tad of chaos will draw the attention from the TV.


Add layers

Even though it’s expensive and modern-looking, a TV could be a pretty boring statement piece on its own. It’s rectangular and there are no decorations on it so it sometimes just sits there. In order to make it more interesting and visually striking you might want to add some layers to the wall behind it.

This could be done by placing a few picture frames around the TV. It’s best if these frames are in a color that contrasts the TV and have their own design or pattern. A TV doesn’t have to ruin your room. Add a bit of visual interest, play around with it and it could become a statement piece of the room.


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