3/4 Review: We’re getting there 2018!


At a risk of sounding like a broken record, 2017 seemed to have passed by in a flash. I know I’ve been super busy all year long but if you’re to ask me to pinpoint some significant milestones… I can’t. Other than my house that is! For those who have been following our home journey with us, we hope it has helped given you some insights on what to expect for yours. Being pretty much easy-going people, we’re thankful that our renovation had been a breeze. Nothing drastic happened like missing contractors, slipshod works and whatnot, we were very lucky to be working with responsible people throughout the process. In case you haven’t read them (more below):

+ On our chosen home & ID, Idzigners

+ JB Furnishing & Lightings

+ Tiles & Vinyl Flooring

One main thing I’ve learnt when taking up home loans is the importance of having a good credit score, and I’m very thankful that mine is. Things get approved and settled so much faster when your credit score is above average, so pay your cc bills on time people – don’t spend more than you can afford! After being debt-free all my life, it sure sits funny on me when I suddenly have a lot more bills to pay, so we made sure to pay for all our household appliances with minimal installments. Luckily the years of my husband’s hard work helped balance my lack of CPF funds (just converted to PR), so right now we are at a comfortable position in financing our debts. Enough to have a stable humble household, but not enough to spend recklessly. LOL.

Takeaway lesson from these big decisions in our lives? Be prudent. It’s ok to pamper yourself, splurge a little but know your limits and always save for rainy days. That massive grand wedding that will cost you a bomb? Only do that if you can ensure that you’ll pay for it all with zero debts once the wedding ceremony is over. That dream honeymoon? Sure, why not? Just make sure you can afford it!

+ Before & After Moving In

+ Curtains from Fabric Gallery

+ Currently missing our final shoot from our ID!

We’re postponing our honeymoon though, because our house comes first. And it being a resale meant that a substantial amount is needed for our renovation as compared to our peers. Not that it matters as it had been our lifelong dream since teenagers to have a place of our own. No more renting, no more to and fro houses.. we finally have a home we can call our own 🙂

Now onward to my quarterly beauty empties, I’m quite surprised by the amount I’ve finished in just three months! There’re divided into two, but I currently could only find the one I took after the move 🙁 Will update this space again when I find the Q3 empties before my move..


In the midst of unpacking my bodycare into our toilet’s cabinet, I realized that I’ve unknowingly accumulated an astonishing amount of body and hair care over the year 0.0 It’s enough to last us for more than a year without the need to stock up anything new, so the husband and I have been using our products generously, lol. Like this beautifully scented L’Occitane Arlesienne Bath & Shower Gel from last year’s holiday collection. I’m in love with the elegant blend of velvety rose and violet, contrasted with spicy saffron and citrusy bergamot. Overall a very soft floral scent that lingers on one’s skin after a shower, and most importantly, not too drying for my eczema-prone skin.

Next up, Minéral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster by Vichy! This limited edition bottle is much smaller than the usual packaging, which explains why I finished it so quickly too. Used as first step of my morning routine, before toner/facial mist, this helps to hydrate while protect your skin against daily aggressors. Although I have loads of friends raving about this, I felt like it didn’t do much for my skin other than to hydrate it a little more than usual? I doubt I’ll repurchase it again to be honest.

Now we have my second tube in a year, Allies of Skin All-Day Mask that needs no further introduction. I have been playing around with the entire brand’s skincare and if you were to ask me, this is the one thing you MUST try from the brand. There’s a reason why this very first product helped kick-started Allies of Skin to the cult favorite it is these days.

Another shower gel we managed to finished from my old place to the new, it’s Lush Bubbly Shower Gel from last year’s Christmas collection too! A bright, fruity and uplifting shower gel makes it a delight to indulge in after a long day… Then we have the one and only liquid sunblock I use: Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF 50/PA++++. Concurrently using both cuz I found one and lost the other somewhere during the year, and found it again recently. To conclude between the choice of Rosy Glow and Translucent, I’ll always go for the former without doubt as it helps double up as a base makeup that allows me to skip foundation on good skin days without looking sallow. Let’s not forget about my quarterly bottle DrGL® Skin Repair that I’ve been religiously using too!

Last but not least, we have Molecular Saviour™ Toner Mist that’s meant to hydrate and soothe your skin before applying their All-Day or Overnight Masks for better efficacy. I’m sitting on the fence for this one for as much as I like how my skin feels instantly soothed after misting, the thick molecules and nozzle meant that the mist would not be spraying finely and evenly on my skin. Many times, I have huge droplets on certain parts of my skin and none on the other. I suppose I can live with it as a day and night skincare routine, but not much as something to be used throughout the day or in the plane (lest my makeup gets ruined)? What are you thoughts kitties? x


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