How to Get Rid of Excess Clothes and Organize Your Closet


We all know the situation: we need that one dress that we remember buying a few years ago, but it is buried underneath piles of clothes that are “waiting for the right occasion”, pieces that we were planning to take to a seamstress, but never have, as well as clothes that we never got rid of because they hold a sentimental value. In short: the closet is a mess and something needs to be done fast. Here is how to get from that catastrophe to a Pinterest-worthy closet.


The reverse hanger method

The best way to get rid of things you don’t wear, is to try out the reverse hanger method. Hang all of your clothes on individual hangers, and put them in your closet facing backwards. The first time you take an item out to wear it, turn the hanger the right way around. After two weeks (or a month, if you are being generous), any item on the backwards-facing hangers needs to go. Of course – do not throw them in the trash! Donate, sell or recycle your clothes to make sure they do not end up in a landfill.


Stock up on basics

Sure, statement pieces are beautiful, bold clothes we love wearing whenever we have the opportunity to show off. But in all likelihood, that opportunity does not come every day, and you still need something to wear when you are out running errands or just going to work. Having a good selection of basic pieces means that you will always have something to wear and something to pair your statement pieces with. Choose monochromatic basics so that you can combine them with a lot of different things.


Don’t arrange clothes by type

Most people arrange their clothing pieces by type, but that is a mistake. When our clothes are sorted by type, we are more likely to always grab the same thing, and not pay attention to the clothes surrounding it. If you for example, color code your wardrobe, you will be more inclined to have the entire closet in your head, and reach for the individual pieces that you have imagined, and knowing your closet well is the first step to decluttering and avoiding buying new pieces that you don’t need. You can also try switching up the sorting method every few months, to keep things fresh.


Optimize your space

A lot of people say that they simply do not have enough closet space to keep all of their clothes in, but that is usually a clear signal that you either have too many pieces of clothing, or that you are not utilizing your space correctly. To make sure you are not wasting space, choose sliding wardrobe doors with mirrors which will help you choose an outfit much easier. Inside the closet, install as many hanger rods and shelves as you can, and get a lot of baskets to sort your things in. Every item should have its exact place in your closet, or you will just go back to having a messy pile. Make sure you can easily access your closet, so that you can conveniently take things out of it and put them back in their place without making a mess.

Having a neat, organized closet is not impossible and anyone can do it with just a little bit of smart thinking and planning. Practice putting things back in their place when you are done with them and you will be well on your way to a picture-perfect clothing paradise.


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