A Few Basic Ideas for Decorating Your Front Door


Your front door is the first thing people will notice about your house. The front door is easy to modify and decorate as the seasons change. However, most of the ornaments put on the front door fall into the same “holiday” categories and you will rarely see uniquely decorated ones. If you’ve had enough of wreaths and caught an artistic bug that prompts you to do something interesting, here are a few basic ideas for decorating your front door.


Add frames

It can be difficult to find inspiration in big design movements, so it would be best to decorate your front door with small but effective details. If you are tired of traditional wreaths, you can always add frames to your door. This is especially neat if you have some family photos stuck in the dusty old frames and you want to buy some new ones. Why would you throw away the old frames if you can repurpose them?
Repaint them with a color that will contrast the door perfectly and hang them on for a beautiful effect of depth. You can add more decorations within the frame itself – it can serve as a way to accentuate a piece of ornamentation that is appropriate for the current holiday.


Pay attention to your walkway

You can accentuate the appearance of your door by adding more decorations to your walkway. If it is Christmas or Halloween, a trail of candles that frame the path leading to your door can have an amazing effect. The welcoming tone will be further emphasized with an overall magical atmosphere candles tend to create.

Additionally, if there is room on the porch on each side of your door, do not let that space go to waste – you can put some interesting plants in high decorative vases in these corners, or add some bulkier decorations that will further emphasize the adornments on your door.


The knob and the lock

Have you ever been in a situation when you hastily need to change the broken lock and go about your hectic workday? Most of the time, you had to settle for an uglier model and, as far as decorations go, it becomes really hard to balance these elements with the rest of the “canvas”.
Take your time to browse through knobs and locks until you’ve found the perfect one for your door. The affordable locksmith in Meadowbank will set it up efficiently and you won’t have to worry about that eyesore anymore. You will spend a lot of time choosing between decoration styles as it is.


Repaint your door

Starting from scratch can be a good thing – repainting your front door does not require as much time as you may think. Also, it will work as an excellent base for future decoration. Changing the basic color of your door, adding a bit of texture or some stylized prints can refresh the look of your porch and your house overall. For example, if your Christmas decorations are mostly in hot hues, they will contrast a blue or turquoise door perfectly. If it is red, a repaint job can be exactly what your door needs to get a bit of spark.

Variations and approaches to front door decorations are endless and you can choose to go with whatever makes you happy. The point is to “unleash” the inner artist and express your wildest stylistic ideas. Just make sure not to go too wild on the color scale, as the door needs to remain tasteful and it needs to match the rest of the house.


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