#Operationkitties: Curtains from Fabric Gallery

Operationkitties curtains from fabricgallery

Lately, I’ve been a little restless as noise pollution from the highway seemed to be louder than usual. Thank god for the beginning of monsoon season though, it helps dull the annoying viberation my earplugs can’t block out and decrease the occurrence of inconsiderate riders with their “zhng-ed” engines roaring through the night. I’m toying with the idea of eventually installing soundproof windows for my MBR, and maybe even consider heavy curtains if need be. Anyone done that and have any recommendations?

Anyway since we’re at the topic of my home, let’s talk curtains today guys!

#Operationkitties: Curtains from Fabric Gallery

Of all the pre-planning and checklist I created, I procrastinated and only started thinking about getting my curtains done at the very last minute… So we basically spent a week sleeping in our new place w/o curtains 🤣 Got some contacts from my friends, asked around and eventually settled for Jason from Fabric Gallery!

#Operationkitties: Curtains from Fabric Gallery

Reason for settling with him was really simple: fast replies to my questions and estimated quotes (all I had to do was send him my floorplan), and very reasonable pricing. All settled in less than a day.

Laoniang is actually a very easy customer to please: fuss-free and efficient, you got a deal. Better still if the pricing is attractive. I don’t really care too much for bargain hunts, as more often than not, you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys. Save me that hassle please.

I was also asking around some other recommendations for quotes.. they took much longer to reply (at least a day) and was more expensive. So thanks but no thanks, I don’t have the patience to wait for your service 💁🏼

#Operationkitties: Curtains from Fabric Gallery

With that, Jason pop by my place that very weekend of us moving in and had my curtains all up the next (while I was in HKG 👍🏻). He was a very nice guy who let me finish my lunch while he go about taking the necessary measurements before advising me on what’s best for us. That means forgoing certain places for curtains, not charging us extra for full length, and choosing 90% blackout curtains instead of 100% cuz it’s 35% cheaper 😊

Love how transparent he is with the pricing and how proactive he was in helping us cutting unnecessary costs… so I ended up paying lesser than the estimated quote. Shiok please.

#Operationkitties: Curtains from Fabric Gallery

Day curtains for the living room just for that extra bit of privacy from our neighbors, while still ensuring ample sunlight during the day. I also have day curtains installed in my beauty room too – for that soft effect when taking pictures (as seen above), love it!

#Operationkitties: Curtains from Fabric Gallery

Our 90% blackout curtains that’s approved by this light sleeper here 🙋🏼 I got a tiny tinge of regret on the beige color choice as I couldn’t envisioned it initially. I most likely will consider having Jason change it to another color next year… but quality wise, it’s good and does its work perfectly! It looks so bright here due to light streaming in from my beauty room~

If you’re looking around for curtains, why not look for Jason from Fabric Gallery and let him know that I referred you! Who knows, you might get a much much better deal than expected~ x


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