The Best Bedroom Lighting Tips


Whether your bedroom is large or small, you will most likely not use it just for sleeping. Dark rooms are perfect for a good night’s sleep and rest, but good lighting will go a long way towards making you feel comfortable in your bedroom. There are surely some questions you should ask yourself about the lighting in your bedroom. Can you get dressed easily? Is there a source of light inside the closet? Are there reading lamps on both sides of the bed? Is there a central source of light? Is there a light near the door? Is there a light at your desk and makeup table? We are giving you some of the very useful tips on how to improve or install your bedroom lighting.

The lighting in your bedroom can be divided into the basic one, and the one used for carrying out some other activities, such as reading etc. In order to help you opt for efficient lighting solutions for the bedroom, we are giving you some tips to follow.


The room size

Before buying a lighting fixture, be careful to pay attention to the dimensions of your bedroom. Bring the exact measures of your room with you, as well as the scheme of your power sources for lights, positions of sockets etc. Experts working in lighting departments will help you come up with the best solutions. The height of your bedroom is also important. Most often there is one main source of lighting, which is very important and we can call it – dressing light. Another important light is a reading light, of course. Also, be careful when choosing the height at which you will place these lighting fixtures.

If you don’t use your bedroom for sleeping only, make sure to decide where your desk or sewing machine will be placed. Here, you will need a strong and direct lighting source. For other room corners, you’ll need a softer light.


Dos and don’ts

Avoid having dark and opaque lampshades; otherwise, your bedroom will be too dark. Maybe they will look nice, but they will not provide enough light, which is their basic function. When choosing a bedside lamp, pay attention to its turn on/turn off system as you should be able to easily turn it off from your bed. Installing the light right above your head is not a great idea since direct light is less comfortable than soft light. The more the better – this refers to the fact that it is better to have a number of softer lights than a single strong one. This way, you can always create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and save electricity as well. Since a pleasant atmosphere inside your bedroom is very important, try to install dimmers on your existing lights. We recommend hiring a professional like we did when we lived in Australia. We hired a Sydney electrician to install all of our lights as we wanted to make sure everything was done properly.

Also, dark closets can seem frustrating. You can install proper lighting fixtures in order to be able to see all your clothes. LED lights are the best option because these bulbs do not get warm, so they cannot damage your closet or clothes.


Some very romantic DIY projects

If you are crafty and like working with your hands and using your imagination, you can always make your own bedroom lighting. You can use candles, but also, you can get some light strings and be creative with them by making your own light curtains and boho walls.

Whether you have a small apartment or live in a big house, these lighting tips can make your life much easier. Just make sure you take into account your bedroom dimensions and your needs, and the lighting in your bedroom will be splendid. With our tips and tricks, you can save yourself some time and money.


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