How to Achieve a Positive Feng Shui Bathroom


Our lives are getting more and more hectic. We are stressed out at work, out of energy at home and simply craving balance and relaxation in life. You might have a routine you have created, a yoga session after work or a cup of warm tea before bed. But your relaxing oasis in your home should be your bathroom. There are many ways you can decorate and organize a bathroom to be more calming, soothing and a peaceful place for you to properly start your day or relax before going to bed. Here are some tips for getting your bathroom the feng shui feel it deserves:


Less is more

The number one mistake people make with organizing and decorating rooms is piling on as many items as they can to enhance the room – but it ends up having the complete opposite effect. Not only is a cluttered space a lot less peaceful and relaxing, but it is also much harder to clean and find items you need in the morning rush. Try to go through all of the items in your bathroom once per month and eliminate anything that is not an absolute essential: put it away in other room and storage spaces, or throw them out altogether if you have no use for them. Whatever is left should be neatly stored in makeup bags, boxes, or simply shelves and cupboards.


Keep it clean

Nobody can relax when they are in a space that isn’t clean. That doesn’t mean that you have to scrub the place down top to bottom every single day, but try getting into some good cleaning habits. For example, keep a packet of all-purpose wet wipes on-hand and every time when you are done getting ready for the morning take 30 seconds to wipe down the mirror, counter and any other easily accessible areas. This will minimize your work when it comes to the bigger, weekly cleaning and make sure that your bathroom is never in the state where you feel uncomfortable inside.


Don’t bring bad energy in

A big part of the energy in a room are the memories and feelings we tie to it. So if you want to keep your bathroom a peaceful place, avoid bringing any negative emotions in it. If you are feeling sad, don’t go there to cry, try not to have any fights inside of it, and generally try to keep it a calm and soothing place full of positive energy.


Balance space

Our mind subconsciously absorbs the space around us and internalizes it into our feelings. So if the space around us in unbalanced, we will feel unbalanced inside. Decide what the most important points of the room should be and distribute them evenly. Vanity mirrors should be across from the bathtubs, cabinets opposite of toilets, and so forth, so that the whole room is balanced. If you have a space in the room that is very rarely used, you might start to feel like that place is estranged and it will start to give off bad energy, so make sure you know exactly what is in which spot of the room and use the space wisely.

Make sure you are catering to all of your senses: light scented candles for a pleasant smell, make natural body scrubs, have lots of natural light coming through the windows and play soothing music or sounds of nature while you are relaxing in the tub. Remember that any space can be turned into a calm and peaceful space and that you should be arranging everything the way you feel is right for you.


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