Too Faced Sketch Marker Swatches & Review

Too Faced Sketch Marker Swatches & Review

Was unpacking my room today and chanced upon my hidden stash of Too Faced Sketch Markers I’ve yet to play around with. As most of you would know, I’m really bad with eyeshadows and personally find them cumbersome for daily use. I rather just have a winged eyeliner that will last me from day to night, without worries of fallout (though it smudging is a whole new story altogether -..-) so I tend to really play around with colors when it comes to eyeliners instead~

Too Faced Sketch Marker Swatches & Review

Too Faced Sketch Marker is a liquid eyeliner that helps create effortless strokes due to its stiff tip (bonus points from me), and comes in 12 shades, I’m missing Black and Charcoal Black. From bold pop art shades to soft pastels, I love how each of them comes with a quirky tagline too! From top to bottom:

Chocolate chip, honey dip (Deep Espresso)

Let them be jealous (Smoky Emerald)

Too glam to give a damn (Deep Navy Blue)

Mermaids don’t cry (Steel Blue)

Soccer players are hot (Sky Blue)

More magical than a unicorn (Deep Lilac)

Be a flamingo (Candy Pink)

Put it in the burn book (Papaya Peach)

Never dim your light (Canary Yellow)

She told white lies (Pure White)

Too Faced Sketch Marker Swatches & Review

Too Faced Sketch Marker swatches

I was however kinda disappointed with the inconsistency of the color pigmentation. As seen above, some were really intense while some just look all diluted, unable to show the colors it truly represents. Although some just obviously looked pretty meh on my skin tone so always remember to swatch before you commit when it comes to fun colors k?!

Too Faced Sketch Marker Swatches & Review

Good thing is, once it dries and sets, it doesn’t smudge or bleed until you take it off. Super easy to apply and achieve my winged eyeliner, do note that it can’t be buildable once dried ya? With those colors that are really intense and flatters me, I’ve decided to keep Deep Espresso, Smoky Emerald, Papaya Peach and Sky Blue. What’s your pick? x


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