How to Properly Mix and Match Furniture Styles

How to Properly Mix and Match Furniture Styles

Most people want their homes to look like they just came off a front page of a home decorating magazine. The only problem is – there are a lot of magazines with amazing designs on their front pages, and you are very likely to fancy more than just one of them. Most people like a variety of styles, whether we’re talking about fashion, home décor or any other type of design. But, unlike your wardrobe, it’s not really possible to change the entire style of your home décor every day; so, how do we combine a variety of styles, eras and looks without it looking like a hot mess? Not to worry, there are a few very simple rules which, when followed, will ensure that your home design features all of your favorite parts implemented in a beautiful, cohesive way.

How to Properly Mix and Match Furniture Styles

Don’t overdo it

Mixing and matching different styles can be extremely beautiful, but it is also very easy to overdo it. Just like if you are trying to mix some colors on a palette to get a marble effect, if you overmix it – you will end up with a gray blob. There are a few ways to avoid this: the rule of thumb is, if you are not a design expert, stick to two styles only. Anything more than that and you risk creating a mess. Alternatively, you can incorporate up to four variations of a specific style. For example, if you want to create a vintage style living room, it is perfectly fine to incorporate some industrial, shabby chic, retro and antique elements into it. That’s because all of these styles have a common point, so your room won’t look random.

How to Properly Mix and Match Furniture Styles

Unite the styles

There is a very fine line between styles clashing and styles cooperating to create a unified space. There are several ways you can blend two styles together, so let’s take a closer look:

Choosing one dominant and one supporting style: The easiest way to incorporate two different styles is to choose the majority of furniture and decorations in one of them, and then simply add a few accent pieces in a different style. This way, you can be sure that you are not overdoing it, while allowing the accent pieces to really pop.

Find common points: The second way you can combine two styles is to find their common features. You can match them according to the material, color or shape, or anything else that visually connects those two styles.

Balance the space: There is a big point to be made about balancing out space in general, but there is a whole new world of that when it comes to mixing styles. The last thing you want is to create a room that will look divided. The entire space needs to work together, which means that the styles need to be distributed all over the room. The exception to this can be, for example, putting a huge pop of color artwork on a wall of a minimalistic style room. It will draw the eye and focus the attention on that one piece, but it might throw your room off balance, so be careful.

How to Properly Mix and Match Furniture Styles

Make sure it is functional

The primary purpose of any room is to be functional, and no matter how good a room might look, if you deny its functionality for the sake of style, you have made a mistake. When choosing your furniture, try to think about that first. For example, no matter how cute you want to make the children’s bathroom, adding a thick, fluffy rug to it is a disastrous recipe. Also, an elaborate flower arrangement might not find the perfect home in an art room, since all the chemicals from paints can damage the plants.

There are plenty of ways you can mix and match styles while still keeping it functional: a wall display of vintage pots and pans in a modern kitchen or a minimalistic living room with a display case full of medieval decorations and several framed parchment papers with some scripts on them. Two of the most important things you should think about are safety and practicality. For example, placing a white jute rug right next to a living room bar might not be the best choice, since you risk damaging the rug. However, you can place it at the center of your sitting arrangement and create a stylish, yet comfortable place. Also, you can repurpose an old vintage wardrobe and turn it into shelving for your industrial style bathroom.

No matter how you choose to mix and match your styles, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and what you like. No matter how many experts recommend doing things one way or the other, your home should be a reflection of what you like. Remember that trends come and go, and you can stock up or a few “timeless” pieces of furniture, or you can be bold and say that you like a certain style, no matter what the current season’s trends are. Feel free to get inspired by the world around you, other people’s homes and any media you can find, because taking a little bit of everything you like and mixing it all up is how you will create your own, unique style.


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