#Operationkitties: On JB furnishings & lightings

#Operationkitties: On JB furnishings & lightings

Went up to our house with the intention of dropping off stuff (cuz my husband is being very kiasu; worried that we’ll never finish moving my huge pile of stuff so he has been nagging at me to pack 🙄) and was surprised to see work being done! We decided to rewire the whole house with new powerpoints, so that’s what the guys are up to this week!

Anyway, just for the upcoming home owners reading this, I’m going to introduce some of my JB finds (mostly c/o my mom aka local tips) that helped save me quite a lot for our home furnishings! I used to think that the renovation and electronics are a killer… that was until I realize the amount of furnishings needed to make a home complete.

Throughout our reno, I felt quite guilty of being so fickle sometimes but luckily Valene from Idzigner have been nothing but patient with me – whereas my husband was contemplating on removing me from our whatsapp group chat cuz I ask way too many questions 😒😒 I’m like that one la! If I’ve burning questions, I die die must get it out of the system else I’ll keep thinking about it until it’s too late. I’ve also been religiously reading on #dayrehomes in the meantime; can’t help but agree that you’ll have to live with your renovation decisions no matter how good or bad they are.. But erm I’m not someone who can live w my mistakes?! This is not just something I can sell at carousell if an impulsive wrong decision is made – except for the furnishings. Hehe.

Image by: Tampoi Lighting FB

Braved the Tuas jam with Akira to get majority of our furnishing stuff settled. We have previously went in with Valene and her hubby to more or less settle on what we want at Tampoi Lighting Centre Sdn Bhd, as recommended by my mom. This is a very popular shop among Singaporeans cuz it’s soooooo much cheaper than Singapore, with all the modern fans that everyone is crazy about. Like vento and whatnot. For a lighting centre, their fan selection is so much wider and reasonably priced than the rest we went to enquire on. But it’s damn crowded so you got to wait to be served~

Not crazy over their lights tho, they look quite orbiang to me. Unless you’re getting those basic ceiling lights, they are definitely much cheaper than Singapore. All in all, we bought 3 fans here.


But this was where I struck gold: VIP Lighting Sdn Bhd

This was purely by coincidence; I was just strolling through my fb when my secondary sch friend happened to be posting a live video on the relaunch of her family’s shop. Aunty me decided that a trip is needed to 1. See old friend 2. Maybe get special deal~ Just that she wasn’t around on our first trip, but we got their opening sale discount where the lights we chose were at 40% off! 😱😱 Cheaper than TB pls! We bought our lights here until super shiok, help that the designs here are so much more modern and fits our theme. Above pic shows the lights we considered but never buy, chio right? We also changed our mind and bought a really cheap but decent ceiling fan with LED light for our guest room – it was RM350 before discount hor! Didn’t want the house to have too many standing fans.

So we pop by the second time to buy the remaining ceiling lights and bumped into my friend this time. Yay to discounts! 😜 You can try looking for her, Vivian, and say Alene referred you or just show her this post.. who knows, you might have special price? (No guarantee tho, but doesn’t hurt to ask). Hees.

They are a bit far off when driving in but to make up for the journey, there’s a massive Ginmit around the corner that sells a huge variety of toilet and kitchen accessories (think Grohe, Kolm and Blanco) to even light switches and random household stuff, supermarket style~ On our third round to VIP Lighting Sdn Bhd to purchase our track lights, we brought Akira’s brothers and my sister-in-law along and proceeded to shop up a storm!


Final recommendation is a furniture shop I was talking about previously where we bought our guest bedrooms neccessities at a super good deal. It’s at my hometown and also recommended by my mom as she swear by the bed… not sure if you heard about Natura before but it’s basically made of latex and no flipping of bed is required. My mom switched my JB bed to this brand as well and it’s super good to sleep in (if you like hard beds). Akira can flip all night for all I care, I won’t be affected 💁🏼 I spotted a store at IMM selling it too, but of course, it’s definitely cheaper in JB.


T.U.T.A Furniture in short for Taman Ungku Tun Aminah Furniture.

And that’s the chosen wardrobe for my two other rooms too (can choose fabric color). One queen sized bed with frame + one wardrobe set = RM4,200 inclusive of delivery, tax and what not. We bought two. Along with a dining table set and TV console~ Our TV console cost about the same as the one we saw at Hipvan, but the quality is sooooo much better 💪🏻

Furnishing is such an expensive buisness man so good deals are important! My mom did advise me not to spend too much for our first round of renovation as you have’t actually live in the house to know what is needed or not… and if you spent too much money on a furnishing item only to find it impractical or not to your liking then how? Need to think twice before getting rid of it; save me the hassle please. x


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