How to Choose the Best Glasses for your Face

How to Choose the Best Glasses for your Face

Have you ever been to an optometrist looking to get a pair of glasses and found yourself surrounded by hundreds of different styles, shapes and colours? The variety can be a bit overwhelming, so much that you don’t even know where to start. Well, don’t fret any more. Soon, you will be an expert in choosing the right glasses that fit your face and your skin tan perfectly. Let’s take a look.

How to Choose the Best Glasses for your Face


The general rule is to get glasses that proportionally fit your face. Glasses that are too big will make your head look small, and vice versa. Your sunglasses can be a bit bigger, but optical ones look the best if they are in proportion with your face.

How to Choose the Best Glasses for your Face


There are three main factors that determine the best colour for your glasses, and those are skin, eye and hair colour. The first thing you should do is determine your skin undertones. If you have a “warm” complexion that means that your skin has more peach and yellow undertones, and if you’re more “cool”, that means you have more blue or pink undertones. Your eye colour can also be warm or cool, and so can your hair. Blue and very dark brown are considered cool, and brown or light cider shades are usually perceived as warm. Hair colours that are considered warm are blond, brown, black and dirty gray, and cool hair colours are variations of strawberry blond, platinum, white, auburn and salt-and-pepper. Once you determine your undertones, you can find glasses that fit you the best. People with cool undertones usually look best in black, silver, magenta, pink, blue or jade glasses, and gold, copper, peach, red and orange usually fit warm undertones.

How to Choose the Best Glasses for your Face

Face Shape

The shape of your face will also determine what kind of glasses fit you the best.

If you have more of a rounded face, better get square or rectangular frames that will make your face look slimmer and longer. Round and rimless frames will only accentuate the roundness, so it’s best if you avoid them.

Oval faces look their best in glasses with a strong bridge, are little wider than the face and are geometric in shape. Because oval faces are very symmetrical, better avoid glasses that are big, because they will disturb the natural balance of your face.

If your face has a diamond shape with a narrow forehead, then get cat eye or oval-framed glasses. They will accentuate your eyes and soften the cheekbones. If you choose narrow or boxy frames, they will only highlight the width of your cheeks and draw attention to your narrow features.
Eyeglasses with a frame that’s heavy on the bottom are the best choice for people with heart-shaped faces. They will add width to your narrow chin and give balance to your face. Avoid frames that will draw attention to your broad forehead, so better stay clear of decorative temples and embellished tops.

People with a square face usually look good in oval or rounded glasses that soften and balance sharp face features. It’s best to avoid angular frames.

How to Choose the Best Glasses for your Face

Remember, when choosing the shape of your glasses, think contrast. Look for a frame that will balance out your facial features and bring symmetry. If you’re not sure about your face shape, ask any professional from Broadway eye care shops about it, and they will be happy to help you any time.

As you can see, you don’t have to be a fashion guru to find glasses that look good on you. Take all of these tips into consideration next time you go eyewear shopping and you’ll find your perfect pair in no time.


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