#Operationkitties Part 2: Home Edition

#Operationkitties Part 2: Home Edition

Can I officially announced that my renovation have finally commenced?! Actually we have long been in discussion on this, but me being me, I don’t like talking about stuff until they are set in stone – or in this case, hacked apart. Words and dreams are just fluffy air until they are put into action; ain’t nobody want to be NATO here. There were a lot of “behind the scenes” discussions and decisions to be made – which is a Virgo thing, but this Saggi here just wana get things started you know! Mainly also because I’m only planning to pay rent until the end of July, and to move in before Hungry πŸ‘». So time is indeed a crucial factor for me.

Not sure if you have guessed but my ID is Valene from IDzigner. I’ve first set my eyes on her work ever since I stepped into her house few years back and was super impressed by it.. who knew a house can be so fun and quirky without spending a bomb?!

I do know that a lot of people always say it is a no-no to have your friends renovate your house cuz things may turn awkward but I beg to differ. I’m very vocal and a checklist oriented person so I have been shamelessly hounding her with my demands and expectations 😑 Luckily she is a mix between Akira and I, so she can understand Akira’s need for minimalist and order, yet at the same time know my need for loads of storage and creative space. I can’t imagine having an ID who can only put him/herself in Akira’s shoes cuz that would make my house look super duper bare. He grew up in a male dominated household, so the concept of even needing a full length mirror is foreign to him… no need to say aesthetics la.

One main argument we constantly have is storage space! I need cabinets, massive wardobes and shelves… and he’s like “NO NO NO”. No your head la, unless you want me to start slotting things around like my current rented room -.- Valene could understand my frustration and standpoint so she had very kindly explained to Akira facts and suggestions to make him understand – it’s a Virgo thing to win them over with well-presented points. So our current compromise is, I’m not allowed to complain at the lack of space once we move in, or else >< #operationkitties home renovation idzigners

Our house is pretty massive for a 5 room – 5A to be specific, and it was never our intention to “tear” it all down. Thus, we’ve decided to hack everything but the living room and spare room since the original hdb tiles are still in perfect condition. Everything else must go though, even the kitchen.

It looked pretty done up when we bought it but the lack of maintenance and cleanliness by the previous owner was something we couldn’t unsee. The kitchen is Akira’s baby too (and the only room in the house he claims he has a decision in 🀣) so I try to take a backseat on this πŸ™Š

P.S service yard and common toilet at the right

#operationkitties home renovation idzigners

Our massive living room cut short by my squarish crop. It’s big enough for me to do up another room if we desire in the future πŸ™†πŸΌ For now, it’s just going to be a living area + dining + mini gym all in one. I’m not very inspired on the layout for this yet, maybe when we’re settled in, I’ll have a better idea of what is needed? Nothing major to be done here, nor the spare room behind, only false ceilings were removed.

I have idiots asking me what’s the point of having such a big house if I don’t intend to have kids. θ‡ͺ己爽 can? We love huge space, we like hosting friends & family over, we can afford, why not? Not asking you to contribute so better don’t make so much noise.

#operationkitties home renovation idzigners

Another area we’re not doing anything much with, just flooring and painting in this guest room – which is going to double up as Akira’s gaming room. And also sick bay, so he won’t disturb my sleep when he is unwell 🀣🀣🀣 I’m an extremely light sleeper (thankfully my dad can relate and justify the pain) so I’m immediately awake if there’s noises. And the one thing I hate is snores cuz they are such deep vibrations that even my earplugs can’t block it out. I ever once almost sleepwalked out of my hotel room as a kid because my granny’s snore was so loud, I actually dreamt of getting out of the room to escape it. Being an extremely light sleeper is no joke :/

Ooo btw, we bought a really cheap bedroom set for this room in JB cuz of a roadshow we chanced upon, during my monthly trip home! As usual, it was my mom and I who spotted it and jumped the gun, followed by my easily enabled dad (as long as it makes sense) before Akira got convinced (cuz it was too good to be true, his brain couldn’t process the logic). LOL. Show you guys in time to come!

#operationkitties home renovation idzigners

Tadah! My most prized possession, the room that sealed the deal!

2 become 1 = a massive master bedroom!

This is the most expensive part of the house that I will most probably be spending majority of my time in. Valene was reminding us that we now own the whole house so don’t need to be too self-contained on a room. Lol. Which is true! I have been living on my own for almost 8-9 years, I got too used to being self-sufficient in a room. That habit got to change I suppose 😊

Loads and loads of work is going to be done in this room, with my own special corner to spend my me-time in. Can’t wait to unveil our plans! Nothing Scandinavian again, thank goodness.

#operationkitties home renovation idzigners

Cropping away my alr small toilet 😩 Toilets to me are a #1 “must hack everything” priority. When we were house hunting, we were appalled by the toilet hygiene of many household. In one, we couldn’t even believe that house was 5yo. It certainly felt way more than that.

I personally sourced for a specific tile and paid a premium for it. Actually we spent quite a bit in this particular toilet cuz we love pampering ourselves 🀣

#operationkitties home renovation idzigners

This was the only part of the house I gave Valene more freedom in designing after hearing my expectations 😜 Glad to say that she did not fail me. There are some specifics I require in a house that I can’t do without, despite huge amount of persuasion, so I do admit to being more anal with my house than my wedding. Luckily my husband is quite accommodating in some sense and he likes the things that I do… can’t wait to see the progress!

#operationkitties home renovation idzigners

Sorry neighbours for the noise and mess!

And because I’m a very impatient person who needs to tick things off my checklist, here are what we have bought even before our renovation officially started:

– Full set of furnitures for Guest Room & Spare Room
– King sized bed for MBR
– Stove/Hob/Oven
– Washing Machine
– Fridge
– A/C
– Fan for kitchen and living room
– Standalone fans for 2 bedrooms
– Dyson Vacuum (way before we even got our hse lol)
– Lights for the whole house
– Dining Table
– 2 x shower heads, 1 x toilet tap, 2 x toilet paper holder
– Kitchen sink and tap
– Bedside table lamps
– Living room TV Console

Right now we are pending:
– Living room table/sofa/beanbags
– Track lights
– 2 x toilet bowls, 1 x toilet tap & sink
– Kitty room table & chair
– Microwave
– Roomba
– Juicer
– TV
– Bedside table(s)
– 2x bidets

I reckon that’s about it. If I buy anymore, I will be beyond broke. x


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