Mid-year Review

I’ve been busy, so very busy… time just flies~ Before I know it, half a year has actually gone by and I’ve only just started on my renovation recently. When was the last time I actually took a step back and enjoyed being bored?! Gosh the amount of planning and coordination to visualize the big picture can be quite tough, definitely will not be able to handle it will if not for my ID, I’Dzigner. Definitely not going down the overly used Scandinavian road after seeing a dime a dozen on dayre, but nothing too crazy or extravagant either… apparently renovating a resale was one of our most expensive decision ever! So there I was calculating and analyzing our finances whenever I’m free, until I worked a comfortable solution for us both :B I’m still a staunch believer in being as debt-free as I can be, so I have been religiously paying off whatever monthly bills we have accumulated from our house and my random hauls after swiping our CCs. So far so good, I reckon we can tide through it~ Still thinking if I should record down my journey as we go along, even though I’m already almost done with all my purchases, or should I do a summary instead? Suggestions?

Hectic life aside, I’ve tried to be as active as I can over here. Recently, I made an impulsive change one day to import my entire website from blogger to wordpress, it’s been my best decision thus far. Especially when photobucket no longer allow 3rd party linking unless you’re willing to pay a premium for it -.- pardon my old posts for now, I’ll get started to manually re-uploading them soon! For now, the amount of satisfaction I derived just from looking at my blog layout makes it all worth the moolahs and effort – as compared to the messy past. Here are some of my favorite posts I’ve blogged about for the past quarter, have you read them yet?

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+ My Dr GL Skincare Picks for Oily/Sensitive Skin

This quarter is a month of many changes. On top of my home and blog reno, my office is under going renovation as well and we”ll be moving in n2 days! Exciting times! I’ve been sitting next to a guy with zero etiquette and it drove me nuts for the past few months – think burping, slurping, tactless, knows no personal space/boundaries and ohhh the occasional funky smell. Was extremely grateful that my boss listened to my concerns and changed our new seating arrangement to be worlds apart. Call me picky, bitchy, mean or whatever.. anything will still be better than being seated beside him. It’s exasperating to be perpetually unhappy at a place I spend most of my waking moment (and basically all my working hours) in. Amen to that!

Beauty Empties

Another quarter also call for another round of beauty empties~ Nothing much this time round as I was just religiously using whatever that’s opened at the moment, in hopes of minimizing the amount of stuff I have to bring over to my new place. Nevertheless, let’s get started clockwise from Cratree & Evelyn Pomegranate Hand Wash I bought last Christmas! Nothing major of course, other than the satisfaction it brings scent-wise and how gentle this handwash is. My hands tend to feel pretty dry after washing them with soap, but thankfully, this is one of the rare ones that don’t make me feel the need to use a hand cream immediately after.

I’ve finally finished DrGL® Cleanser Makeup Remover! As previously reviewed, this creamy remover gently and effectively removes all my makeup and sunblock without clogging my pores. If you have sensitive skin, or even oily skin that’s prone to clogged pores and breakouts, sometimes choosing a creamy makeup remover to the famous oil remover may actually be better suited for you. Something to consider before your next purchase?

And then we have my dearest Allies of Skin All-Day Mask! I’m actually into my second bottle already, that’s how much I love it. For all those acclaimed all-in-one beauty products available in the beauty market, I reckon this is one of the rare ones that actually works – especially on my whiteheads. Definitely worth a try guys, especially if you’re always on the go~

I regretfully have never given Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo a proper review even though it’s deserving of one. This Cleansing Oil Shampoo is well loved not just by me… but my husband as well! I remembered him having a bad hair day that was heavily fixed by his gel/promade, complaining how dry his hair was going to be when washing off. Well that’s until I gave him the green light to try out my cleansing oil shampoo! His hair was so soft w/o the need for conditioner nor treatment 😱 Amazing hey?! I have since been reaching out to it and love how despite it being an “oil-based shampoo”, my oily scalp was never affected by it. If you’re someone who regularly put a lot of products on your hair, this is definitely one fuss-free shampoo to own without worrying about damaged hair.

Moving on, we have my favorite product from The Body Shop! TBS Body Butter has been a constant in my vanity since I was 18 and it never fails to immediately moisturize my dry skin and soothe it. Helps that they always come in such marvelous scent, in here I have Vanilla Chai from X’mas 2016 that smells heavenly when applied before bedtime. My all-time favorite will always be their Golden Apple range that was launched in X’mas 2007 – 10 solid years ago and I still miss it every day!

Next, we have Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment that I’m a big fan of as they are so buttery and glides on perfectly to nourish my chapped lips. My only complain is that it may be a tad too soft and not last when the weather gets too hot. My heart broke when 1cm of this lippie broke one day during application 🙁 Now how can I forget about my DrGL® Skin Repair?! Third bottle and counting, ’nuff said! You can read my review here.

Last but not least, we have Sulwhasoo Essential Trio Set that I have briefly talked about in an interview with Honeycombers. Honestly I didn’t thought much about it when I first tried the trio out, only to realize how my skin was slowly improving with each use. If I can choose only one, it has got to be Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Ex that I have repurchased again and again and again… I now have two bottles as backup! It balances the moisture of my skin and works as a canvas to better absorb other products used after it; resulting in a healthy, happy skin that’s less prone to breakouts. I have since bought History of Whoo Bichup First Care Moisture Anti-Aging (Soon Hwan) Essence and will be trying it next to compare and satisfy my curiosity on the difference(s) between these two products, stay tuned~ x


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