Penhaligon – The Coveted Duchess Rose EDP Review

Penhaligon Duchess Rose

Instant happiness is when my hubby just bought me the coveted Duchess Rose from Penhaligon 😍😍 Luxury in a bottle ❤️

When it comes to Penhaligon, I’m quite lucky that every time I decided to pop into the store, I will be served by the same perfume profiler who introduced me to the world of this jewel-sized perfume store. Lucky because he is supposed to be at either MBS or main office, only once in a blue moon will he be at ION. I love his professionalism and how he knows the story of each perfume at the back of his hand. He always remembers me, and never fails to enchant me with stories and inspiration behind each bottle, endearing me more to the brand. To be honest, I only went in there to wish the store “Happy Birthday” to get a $20 voucher but walked out with a $400 bottle 😂 That’s how good of an enabler he is, else the hubby will never even bat an eyelid.

Anyway no strong enabler will be able to persuade me have I not already had my eyes set on an item. Whilst waiting to be served, I checked out the latest collection, a new chapter that took the brand 3 years to concoct… and it’s called Portraits – the secrets behind British aristocracy. The introductory chapter has 4 scents: 2 feminine 2 masculine; in an instant I fell in love with one. Fatty suggested me to choose between Penhaligon – The Coveted Duchess Rose or Chanel No. 5 L’Eau (it was very random, we were only planning to do a meetup and go straight home, not shop), so I spritz this on my wrist, appreciated the top and heart note before deciding to sit on it. Also went to Chanel to tried it, but as usual everyone is too busy for me anyway~ 喷了就走 and started the decision making. In the end, my heart went for the former where I could see myself wearing this unique rose scent to a very powdery Chanel.

Daughter of Lady Blanche and Lord George, Rose married a Duke to escape the stifling rigidity of her family and to become the Coveted Duchess Rose. At first, naively romantic, she has now become disillusioned and frustrated in an unsatisfactory marriage. Always looking for fun and frivolity (and perhaps love affairs), her fragrance is a not so innocent fresh rose.

For Penhaligon that’s known for blending loads of notes together for a complicated mix, this has got to be the simplest blend of the lot. Expect a beautiful woody red rose that’s torn between being sweet and wild; it is afterall inspired from the Duchess who’s always looking for fun and frivolity.. this is definitely not your innocent fresh rose. The sillage may not be strong, but the longevity 👌🏻👌🏻 lasts the entire day! Brass wolf cap and hand-made glass bottle, we were also told that just the production cost is already 3x more than Penhaligon’s most exp bottle in the shop 😱 This British Affair sure is an expensive hobby!


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