Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

Look what we learnt today! 😂

Every now and then, I like to drag Akira along with me to learn some fun stuff we don’t usually do (and vice versa). So when I was invited to a Cocktail Masterclass, I thought it will be fun for as to learn a trick or two 😝

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

DrinkDings is basically a mobile bar that caters drink to your event. Be it wine, beers, housepours to cocktails and mocktails at only $12-$18 per head (cocktails)! This 2 hours free flow deal includes bartenders, alcohol, set up, clean up etc. Min. $600 per event, exclusive GST. Sounds like a pretty good deal hey? We were actually considering this for our house warming 😂😂😂 But KIV first ok?!

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

Alternatively, they also hold workshops like this where we learn how to make our own cocktails! Sounds like a cool idea for teambuilding hor~ Although we were invited by the media, majority of the participants actually bought this deal via groupon for approx $30+ per pax.

Cocktail Masterclass SingaporeCocktail Masterclass Singapore

As promised, everything was provided for and they even have us notes with recipes to bring home! Shall share with you kitties what we learnt today…

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

First up, martini 🍸. Akira was questioning my serious face 😒 11 years together, but he still can’t identify my RBF 🙄

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

Step 1: Fill boston glass/mixing jug with ice

Step 2: Bruise the ice with Vermouth (5ml), then strain

Step 3: Pour 60ml Gin (for my husband I sacrifice and substitute with Vodka instead)

Step 4: Stir with bar spoon till water level increases to 1/3 of alcohol level

Step 5: Strain into martini glass

Step 6: Zest, add lime slice and serve

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

Workstation mess, I like 👌🏻

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

Next up, Vodka Cosmopolitan 🍹

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

Step 1: Fill shaker/Boston glass with ice

Step 2: Pour 30ml cranberry juice into shaker

Step 3: Add 30ml Gin/Vodka, 15ml Triple Sec and 15ml Lime Juice

Step 4: Cap Shaker and shake

Step 5: Strain into martini glass

Step 6: Garnish and serve with orange slice

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

This is my default cocktail: Mojito!

Most bartenders may find it a chore due to the muddling work needed, but that’s what make me appreciate the cocktail more! Which also explains why I like mixologists so much, their cocktails are like a form of art 😘❤️

Cocktail Masterclass Singapore

Step 1: Cut 1 lime into 6 wedges

Step 2: Drop 3 wedges into glass (squeeze 1 if you like the extra zest)

Step 3: Add a cube of sugar, ideally brown

Step 4: Add 4 mint leaves

Step 5: Muddle! (Aim for the sugar cube first, then lemon wedge. Avoid mint)

Step 6: Add 30ml rum

Step 7: Add ice and stir

Step 8: Top with 15ml of soda water

Step 9: Garnish with mint and serve


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