Review: Penhaligon Lothair

Pehaligon Lothair

Being a fan of linear scents that are meant for layering, my first Penhaligon perfume was nothing I’ve expected it to be. A “pre-mixed” fragrance consisting of woody with aromatic spicy top notes like bergamot, juniper, cardamon.. it sure is such a far cry from my usual fruity floral picks. Yet, there’s something about Lothair that draws me in. Could it be the tale of East India Trade Route my fragrance consultant have lured me into, or was it the black tea (Earl Grey, to be specific) that settles so beautifully on my skin? I couldn’t put a finger, but I’m hooked with this British penchant for gin and tea.

One spritz to last throughout the day, I do love how the scent slowly unfold itself throughout the day. An opening tipple of gin-grapefruit tonic, it grows into a milky-fig-tea accord that sits so smooth and warm on my skin throughout the day, before slowly settling into magnolia, then lavender, and ultimately, a dark combination of cedarwood and wenge. Most complicated fragrance I’ve ever own, but still my weakness nevertheless. I now wear my Penhaligon Lothair on days I’m feeling all ready to rule the world, or just feeling sophisticated with a slight mysterious allure. If you’re a huge fan of tea, this is definitely an EDP not to be missed. x


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