Review: Nina Ricci Luna Blossom

Nina Ricci Luna Blossom

Was in the midst of slowly packing up my room (6 ikea boxes for beauty products only and counting…) when I stumbled upon an unopened Nina Ricci Luna Blossom! Lucky me won it from Linda’s giveaway last year, when Shilla Duty Free was the first to launch this fragrance~ It’s not highly popular in the beauty world, and it’s ombre purple bears a striking resemblance to Lolita Lempicka EDP. Scent wise, they are thankfully world apart.

A fruity floral scent that opens with a burst of bergamot and Nashi pear, settling down to a floral blend of jasmine, magnolia and peony, and before ending off with cedar and musk. That being said, I reckon it is more popular during Summer/Spring or the Asian market as our climate is mostly hot and humid all year round. Nina Ricci Luna Blossom is such a fresh girly scent, lightweight and perfect for everyday wear with no overwhelming sillage! There wasn’t much “WOW” factor for me as a perfume collector; but if you’re just starting out on perfumes and want an easy-going scent, Nina Ricci Luna Blossom is worth trying out x


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