Review: Est Lab Sunshield

Merciless sun result in freckles and with age catching up, sunscreen is a MUST have in my vanity. There should be no room for “running out of sun screen”!

Although I do have my own holy grail, I’m always on a lookout for new sun screen. My kind of sun screen has to have no tinge of the smell of sun block, you know the kind of sunblock that you apply before you enter the pool. No way! Especially when it comes to smell. Personally, I would greatly prefer sunscreens with skincare or makeup kind of sun screen – better still if it feels super light weighted and watery.. let’s see if the 2 best-selling sun screen by Est Lab in 2016 will impress me.

Est Lab Sunshield SPF 50

Est Lab Sunshield SPF 50 boasts 6 benefits in its product: Colour Changing Technology, UVA & UVB Protection, Vitamins C & E, Whitening, Anti-Ageing and Paraben-Free. What got me I all excited was the colour changing technology which acts like a tinted sun screen that changes its colour to suit my skin tone. When initially squeezed out from the tube, it looks so white and creamy, I was worried…

However, this blends really well and trust me, a little goes a long way. The cream glides well onto the skin and gets absorbs quickly. I love how lightweight Est Lab Sunshield SPF 50 is even though it comes in a cream formula. With SPF50+ & UVA & UVB protection, alongside a sheer coverage upon application, this literally stole my heart away!

Est Lab Sunshield Aqua SPF 50

Next up, we have Est Lab Sunshield Aqua SPF 50 that boasts to have UVA & UVB Protection, Water-Based Lightweight Texture, Deep Hydration, Brightening, Anti-oxidant and Paraben-Free. When I saw the word Aqua, I knew I will love this. With SG’s erratic weather, I really hate wearing anything that is heavy, so gel or anything with the word aqua, I knew I will love it.

True enough, this water-based sun screen is really super light.

When applied, it feels hydrating as compared to the other sun screen that I’ve been using, it allows my pores to breathe and feels refreshing. Super recommend this to those with oily to combination skin type!


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